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I have an ACER ASPIRE V5-573PG, PURCHASED IN SEPT 2013 and

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I have an ACER ASPIRE V5-573PG, PURCHASED IN SEPT 2013 and still under warranty. Since I purchased it the ASPIRE has always been touch sensitive both on the pad but annoyingly on the case front. It has been notified to ACER before for much the same problem (incident number 140121-002550 refers). The sort of problem that I am getting is - when typing an e mail I inadvertently touched the front of the case front, left side and it brought up 'CORTANA' HALF PAGE WITH ITS SUGGESTIONS AND 'ASK ME' pane. Also whilst working in 'work' again the front case was touched and several times the work page was blotted out by an advert from Microsoft. I can imagine that these incidents seem increditable but has been happening since I purchased it. If I had been able to afford it I would have had a new one by now even though the warranty is still valid. It has now become so bad now that I hesitate to use it, but at times I have to. Geoff Flood
Hello Geoff, welcome to JA, my nam is Alex.I will be attempting to help you today. Sounds like you have an issue that Acer is quite aware of.If the Aspire is NOT working as it should be.....there isn't much you or I can do, especially if you have already worked with Acer to determine there is a problem, and it needs to be serviced. What you are describing about the touching of the case front, and it makes changes on screen. Is this supposed to happen? Is this a feature built in? Typically, you only touch a few things that are considered a HID (human interface device). The touch screen, the touch pad, and any physical buttons such as the power button. What I am struggling trying to figure out exactly what is happening, as your description, while good....isn't enough for me.Maybe we could do a remote sessionon that machine? Or maybe you could take some screen shots of the issue when it happens?
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