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My daughter and family live in a house which abuts farm land

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My daughter and family live in a house which abuts farm land owned by the local Farm shop owners. On Sunday 7/8 mid morning a tractor and large harvester started harvesting against their fence with no warning. Windows and doors were open and everyone was at home, The house and garden were covered in the "dust" and it was impossible not to breathe it in. We are not sure if the land is rented out but either way is there no regulation that precludes such a nuisance and possible health hazard occurring without prior notice being given. The response when my daughter phoned the farm was that harvesting needs to be done when the weather is OK . There are no other adjacent properties.

There is a requirement for any works resulting in noise before 10am on a Sunday to have council approval under Noise & Statutory Nuisance Act 1993, I am sure there will be some exception or loop hole for farmers however.

Clearly there is also a HSE concern as well, the biggest challenge and hurdle the homeowner will have to overcome is what could be reasonably expected in terms of inconvenience, noise, dust etc and what is excessive when it comes to living adjacent to a farm.

In the first instance you need to speak with the Council and lodge a complaint both regarding noise and HSE, each council operates differently, however most have health and safety and the noise management team under one department.

They will also be able to also guide you in terms of what your rights are, give you template letters you can issue to the farmers, and talk you through the steps required.

Please let me know if you require anything clarified, and also provide me the name of your local council to help understand the specifics.

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