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I bought a new laptop and an going to use Laplink software

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I bought a new laptop and an going to use Laplink software to transfer all programmes and files etc.The issue I have is that the new laptop was advertised ass having a 512 SDD. However now that I have the laptop it is split between 190GB on the C drive and 286GB on the D drive, My current laptop only has C drive.How can I transfer all the programmes and data, around 320GB to the new laptop with the Laplink software please?ThanksMark.

Hey Mark, I'm Tim.....can you explain abit more, this does not make total sense.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Sorry Tim
I'll try and explain it better.
I have a Sony Laptop with 512GB hard drive, I bought a new ASUS laptop with a 512GB hard drive.However, the new laptop has the hard drive seperated into 190GB (OS) C drive and 286GB D drive.I want to use the Laplink software to transfer everything, however neither C or D drive have enough storage on it's own (I have around 320GB on this laptop).Is there a way for me to easily transfer everything from the old laptop to the new?

Gotcha, since the new drive is partitioned, no you can't use that software, However it would be a bad idea to use anyways since all you really need or want is your can reinstall programs, there is no point in polluting the new OS/PC with the old one, all you should really need to do is move Pics, Videos, Office docs, etc off manually using something like a USB thumb stick, or a USB Harddrive.....I've never used laplink, and would never recommend something like that which wnats to "move all of your data" You would just be slowing the new PC down right out the gate.

But the partitioning is what is preventing it, once PC thinks the others hard drive is much smaller, even though its not......that software is fairly dumb, and its often times BEST to do it by hand. Does that make sense?

Again, as i've not worked with the software you are using, I can not say for sure, I can remote in and see what I can do, but moving things manually is always best, out of say a***** the only actual amount of data needed to move would be 50% of that, and thats PUSHING it

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Thanks, ***** ***** i'll try moving it manally and see how I go. Thanks, Mark.

Manually is 100% the best bet.

Please take the time to rate my service in the upper right hand corner as I do this for a living. If you have ANY further questions, let me know.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I'm having trouble leaving feedback, if you need to close the question please go ahead and I'll leave you 5 stars.
Thanks, Mark.

Ok, will do. Thanks Mark.

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