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Thanks for your past help. If the snake collector /expert

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thanks for your past help . If the snake collector /expert does take the snake back to his place to study it, if he put it into a large heated enclosure , and had a modile X ray machine that he could watch the process of digestion , what parts of the guy swallowed will he see being digested first

Hi, Welcome to Just Answer. I'm Chris, a Vet based in the UK. I am reviewing your question and will get back to you as soon as possible

Whilst I don't believe it has ever been done with a human, there is a case of a python which ate an alligator and was then xrayed as it digested it

It is likely that something similar would be seen with a human

Customer: replied 6 months ago.
Wow great picture of the X rays of the snake dealing with the alligator. st what would be left of the guy in the x ray on day 7 if we work on the same time line as the X ray pictures

Well assuming a similar bone density to the alligator then all that would be left of the guy would be a mush of digestive slurry. On the xray only an area of white/hazy appearance would be seen and it would not be discernable as a person. Any metallic objects that the guy may have had on him would however show up very clearly, for example if he had a metal implant somewhere in his body

Customer: replied 6 months ago.
Wow. so what would happen next , what will be happening to the guys small black swim trunks .

They would probably be dissolved at least to some extent by the snakes powerful stomach acid

Customer: replied 6 months ago.
Thanks for your help.Just few bits to ask about. What would be the first thing to be digested in the tight black swim trunks.once the snake is finished and passes the waste,would there be anything recognisable in it.

The soft tissues would be first to be digested and then bone later on. I doubt there would be anything recognisable from the swimming trunks. Only any metallic objects would pass through undigested

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