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On October 2nd my mother passed away, I contact my sister,

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On October 2nd my mother passed away, I contact my sister, who had a difficult relationship with my mother, so she had the opportunity to say goodbye. My sister's relationship with my mother, her three other sibling and me is diffiuclt to say the least. My sister responded initially to my communication saying she had made her peace and didn't want any contact. I them recieved an unsolicited text to say that I had lied and my mother was not dying (she died 48 later) I then continued to recieved text saying thing such as 'all the family hate her'. She then tired to disrupt the funeral not giving consent to my mothers wishes resulting in me receiving a text on the I evening I buried my mother stating 'game over' other unsolicited communication followed from my sister's husband over the following weekend. I have now taken so much that I responded with my thoughts about her behaviour to her via a letter, my sister response was to write a letter with every indescretion I have made over thirty years and she made many accusations. Clearly I was upset and responded by returning her letter. I have just recieved a text to say that she has contacted my workplace to report harrassment and I will receive a police injuction. I have kept transcripts of all our communications, mostly unsolicited, from my sister and her husband. I did this because we were expecting a challenge to my mother's burial arrangements. I would like some advice if possible I feel like my sister can contact me with very nasty communications but when I finally respond I am threatend with legal action. Linda S.
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Has any contact be made with the Police or any proceedings in terms of injunction started?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

No only just happened worried about work implications


Based on what you have said, this is harassment of you.

Harassment is defined as pursuing a course of conduct which the person knows or ought to have known is likely to cause alarm, harassment or distress.

It is totally inappropriate that she contacts your work.

For this you should report it to the Police - it is simply not acceptable and inappropriate.

They can issue her with a harassment warning - this is not a criminal conviction - just a warning.

This is the action you should take as this is free.

You could pursue a civil injunction but there would be legal fees to pay for that.

I hope this helps and you have my sympathy for this situation.

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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Thank you I have now contacted police and they agree that it's inappropriate that my sister contacts my workplace. Thank you again and I will now rate your service as excellent Linda
I'm just following up with you to see how everything is going. Did my answer help?