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1. I was contracting at a company for a year and a half. The company I was contracting for accused me of copying information which they considered confidential. So, they forced me to sign an agreement ("JustAnswer doc2.pdf") which allowed them to come around to my house, and confiscate all of the electronic devices which might contain data at my house, to examine it at their leisure. In return, they agreed not to take any legal action, and return all of the electronic devices within 21 days.

2. Question: does this agreement ("JustAnswer doc1.pdf") protect me from further legal action on their part, even if they desperately want to sue for theft of Intellectual Property? Note that from my point of view, the agreement was signed under duress, but from their point of view, it wasn't.

3. After I signed this agreement, they decided they wanted to keep my electronic devices, and threatened to sue anyway, unless I signed ownership of the electronic devices over to them and signed a full confession - see the document "JustAnswer doc2.pdf".

4. Question: If I sign this document "JustAnswer doc2.pdf", and fill in a witness statement drafted by them, am I protected from further legal action, or could they simply decide to take further action against me (same as last time)?

5. Question: can I use the agreement ("JustAnswer doc1.pdf") to force them to return my electronic devices, as they agreed?
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I will await for these documents?
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I'm stuck - I can't seem to work out how to upload documents. Could I send them via email?

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1. Yes it does protect you.

As long as you complied with the terms they can not take any action.

2. Answer is same as above - yes

As long as you complied with the agreement and all the terms then they can not take any action against you.

3. Yes - if they refuse then you can ask a County Court to order that they return the media.

They are in breach of the contract if they refuse to do so and you can get a court order requiring the return.

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