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Hi i was with my ex for neally 5 years I n that time i paid

Customer Question

Hi i was with my ex for neally 5 years I n that time i paid rent and i also paid for her bills and going on hols and kids too. when i sold my car i gave her half the money etc. My father paid 4,000 to have her bathroom done and also outside and inside windows totalling neally 6,000. I went on a loan with her as i did not know that she would leaave me in debt and have an affair. \so the loan is 0r was orig for 26000 inc interest to which she had over 15.000 worth of debt and i had approx 5000. i find myself in a difficult situation as 3 years ago my ex wanted to to iva and that would have made me liable for all debt so my father stepped in and behind my back paid just under half of her loan payme nt but i continued to pay 250.00 which was my share . My mother and father are pensioners and my mother has terminal cancer. Before xmas i sent my ex an text to ring me re loan and she didnt so i find myself to day trying to talk with her but her new pmakes threats of assault and also to get involved in our situation when clearly she has nothing to do with it , Please can you help as i have more than paid for my share and i want my ex to repay my dad and also pay rest of her loan and take me off the loan without doing an iva .
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  James Mather replied 5 years ago.

How does the new part that make these threats of assault?

How much exactly does she owe to your parents and how much to you?