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I am currently leasing a car - contract ending 8th March 2013.

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I am currently leasing a car - contract ending 8th March 2013. The company contacted me to set up a new lease, and i have also indicated a date for the new car to be delivered (8th March also) and paid a £250 deposit. This all occurred 10 days ago. I have now been contacted by another company telling me I can purchase the car (- a very good price has been confirmed today) and i now wish to pursue this. NB - At the start of my current lease contract I had been told end of term purchase was not an option in my case - clearly not the case.

Having contacted the lease company they maintain that the new car has been identified and i have paid the deposit of £250 and therefore I cannot now withdraw from the new lease. Is this the case? I would assume I will probably have to forfeit the deposit but as have not signed anything, nor taken delivery of the new car surely I am not bound by anything? Also, I had not been made aware this option would be offered, and the lease company possibly contacted me in December (relatively early) to eneter into a new lease in order to pre-empt the other company's involvement. Can i say i have been misled? Are there/could there be any future repercussions if i simply withdraw and lose my deposit?
Thank you

Have you had all the papers in respect of the new lease car?

When did you get them?

It is really importtant

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

I have received no papers at all in respect of the new vehicle. All papers I have relate to my CURRENT lease.

All that has been done in respect of the new car is that I STATED I wished to lease a new car (again under the understanding I could not purchase my current car). They then requested a £250 deposit and I then had to access a system to engage in saying what date (I said 08.03.2013) I would like the new car delivered. They attached to this a specific vehicle that will be allocated to me.

I have not seen or signed any papers relating to the new car.




PS I really want to speak to their management tomorrow lunch time latest - could you advise me before then please

Excellent. Really excellent.

The Consumer Protection (Distance Selling)
Regulations 2000 come to your assistance. The regulations say that you have
seven days to cancel any contract, which is negotiated at a distance (even if
ultimately, it is concluded on the seller's premises!).

The seven days starts to run from when you get the
contract documentation because until then, you have not had time to study it.

Call the leasing company and quote the above
regulations at them and put it on a letter in an envelope in the post recorded
delivery and also by first class post.

Telling them that you wish to exercise your rights
under the above regulations and await confirmation that this has been done
along with the return of your cheque for £250.

I help further?

The next
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The thread remains open. Thanks

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Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Hi I will rate you as excellent, I have submitted this - and am glad the thread remains open.

I may contact you at a later date.

Thank you SO much for your help


Thank you

If you pop the regulations into Google it will give you plenty of reading. Good luck. Regards