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my husband has had a stroke he is in hospital we are selling

Customer Question

my husband has had a stroke he is in hospital we are selling our house and moving to another on a farm estates we own. however all our assets are tied in trusts to help with death duties i have been left with no cash the contents of the house we were going to sell i need to do this for cash there is a lot of value. my son has power of attorney although the stroke is bad my husband is com pus metus but we obviously do not want to worry him.
my son says he is going to arrange the sale to different buyers and not the valuers we had planned he has a history of pocketing our money i was going to put the money from the sale in an account for my husband and me for his care and future and mine. my name does not seem to appear anywhere and i have always trusted my husband to play fair
apart from divorcing him to get my share how can i stand against my son in law. these items are mine i have had them for 40 years
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  James Mather replied 5 years ago.
-Could you explain your situation a little more?

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

thanlk you i have been married for 40years at times turbulent nothing was in my name and i knew little of mthe company as i was told every thing would be ok my husbands a good man but like all men who make fortunes fom nothing could be difficult. we have 2 grandchildren for who these trusts encompassing the mafority of our wealth are for at a later date. that would have been ok had the other invstments he had made prodcuced income. we have a reclamation company which had some difficulties due to the financial climate. so no cash there we own a farm and he has refurbished the main house for my son daughter in law and 2 children. they moved in and the inexplicably my son left his family with 3 children. we were devasted and wer renovating another house on the estate and have just sold our large house on which we had a loan to the back so all the profits from that will go to the bank. our son is 38 and we have had a lot of difficulties with him taking money from the company selling things all of which his father extracted him. he lies and is surprised that i donty trust a thing he said. my husband had a personality disorder which meant he took all his difficulties out on me and used not to speak for months consequently he confided in sam and as made him seem powerful and if you like in charge of me. i am 62 and very young and fit and intend to live for a long time and what he seems to be saying that all i had with colin is now at his disposal Colin has now had a severe stroke and is off the critical list and i want to send him to the top hospital in london it is mega expensive but my husband worked hard for this money even if it became a god in the end and i am determined to get him the best help for a goiod recovery. the cost will be enormous my son howevver is always trying to cut corners scared that his inheritance will be lost. i on the other hand will spend all of it my husband for all his faults was a good man and father.we are selling the contents of our house and they could top nearly a million i want that mon ey putting into an account for me to pay for my husbands care and our needs for a while. my husband gave sam power of attorney in the event of him not being able to function but my husband knows everything you say andcould answer for himself albeit not too complicated. I dont want him worried and my son says the items from the house are family money and that i will not be allowed to allocate it where i would like. i am off to london today to stay near the hospital in a crap hotel because he didnt want me to spend money my husband would be horrified. I am worried because we appointed a good company to value and arrange for the sale of the items bu tmy son says he knows people who will buy it. im scared he will sell it lower and receive some for himself. as i am away i have told my daughter in law gemma who i would trust with muy life to be my stand in i have given her a list from sotheby's i think with all the valuations at 2009 on but am scared she and i wont know when this is going on and the items will be sold and gone by the time i return probably a week ten days.colin is proably going to be in rehab for months and all this worry on top of the illness is proving hard to cope with what recoursedo i have?

Expert:  James Mather replied 5 years ago.

If son is not to be trusted whu give him PoA. Why doesnt your husband revoke it and do another in favour of daughter? I need detail sof the trusts you refer to please.

What exactly would you like to know about this? You havent asked a specific question. Thanks

I am offline now till Monday 1st thing