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my son was assaultedtwice by the same thugs within 2 days

Customer Question

my son was assaultedtwice by the same thugs within 2 days . police failed to write down names or that my son was assaulted when statetment taken on th second assault regarding th first assault 2 days previous even though this imformation was given !! police officer dealing with case informed us that boys had been given final warnings when in fact we later learned that this wasnt the case .¬ sent report to c i c a stating that my son had gone above and behond when defending himself causing injuries to one of the offenders , when in actual fact the said injured offender was apparently assaulted after the assault on my son by another individual , i believe a couple of days or so later , this i believed the officer used in his report to make it look as though my son had inflicted the injuries .!! the officer also failed to find the main witness even though he was given mobile no , college , area he lived etc etc . stated he couldnt find him !! In between all this plus numerous other discrepensies kept stating that this poticular offender wants to join the police force !!!. olso never reported to c p s that my son was assaulted twice !. iv complained to his sergent , got no answers , professinal standards , got letter of oppolegy but no answers to lots of questions that i wantrd answers to !!. wrote to i p c c , got no where , sent letter to m.p got no where,. sent letter to parlimentry ombusman , advised to go back to proffesional standard ,to,which i did but nothing they can do asthe officers have been spoken to !!. so basically for 2 years of phone calls , stress ,and my son badly affected the police have lied and i have got absalutley knoware . its called police cover ups in my eyes !!. what else can we do as we would like to see justice done.!!!!!!
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  Jo C. replied 5 years ago.

I am very sorry but there is no additional action that you can take.

In fairness, not all allegations lead to a prosecution. That does not necessarily mean there has been incompetence. I am not saying thats whats happened here but the fact that there wasn't a successful prosecution does not prove incompetence.

Come what may though, you cannot do any more than complain to the IPCC, your MP and the Ombudsman, and then professional standards.

I am very sorry to have to tell you this also but if you have raised a complaint to all of those entities and it has not been upheld then probably, unfortunately, it is without merit. I do realise you feel annoyed about this but that doesn't mean you have a cause of action in law.

I'm very sorry.