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landlord and tenant - is six weeks a reasonable amount of time

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landlord and tenant - is six weeks a reasonable amount of time before fixing a problem with the heating system from 28 Dec to 14 feb when a landlord is insisting this is the earliest it can be completed by his preferred maintenance company - can a tenant appoint another maintenance company to fix the problem

What is the fault? Is it not working entirely?

is there alternative heating?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.



New boiler fitted September, Tenancy started November, clanking noises, boiling water pouring out side of house, tank in loft overflow water through 2 ceilings, emergency call out, maintenance company say system working below capacity, radiators downstairs have either cold patches or not working, maintenance company lowered pump pressure but can't do anything else until the company that installed boilers check the pipes, no other information forthcoming from estate agent, says no maintenance report supplied just an invoice and to just wait or seek legal advice, there are 2 wood burning stoves either end of house, My rental agreement is 2500 per month rent and its cold downstairs. I have bought electric heaters, the point of contention is the time frame involved and the action taken when we advised that the system was working at 50% capacity when we were told the system was new and energy efficient

Has the landlord made any offers? Like a reduction in rent?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

No offers made, only that he is genuinely sorry for the problem that he was trying to get the boiler installation company to act on it asap and that his wife was upset and 14th Feb is the earliest it can be attended to and if there is an emergency before that then to contact maintenance company. Maintenance company assured me that stopping the noise and water pouring out of the house is all they can do and that fixing the central heating system to the capacity it is presently working at is also the best they can do as they were advised that the origingal installation company would deal with this matter. i jreally would just want it fixed within a reasonable period of time. six weeks in the dead of winter is not reasonable

No, I do agree.

Six weeks is an unreasonable delay over the coldest period of the year.

You are certainly entitled to a reduction in rent to reflect this. If you don't want to pursue though then you could get the work done and sue for the cost. You do need to warn him of your intentions though and give him a proper opportunity to comment and influence the event.

Also, you need to insure that the quotes you are seeking reflect the market price.

Hope this helps.
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Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Many thanks for your response, I really wanted to make sure that the time frame was unreasonable and that I could procure the services of another contracting company. I will inform the landlord that due to the length of time and no resolution to the fixed date of 14th and that if he cannot address the situation before this then I will call out British Gas, who advised that 15 days was really long enough to wait this time of year. I haven't lived in the UK for 34 years so was unsure as to process and my rights as a tenant as the estate agent who has been appointed by the landlord to deal with maintenance issues has been somewhat biased and unfair in his appraisal of the situation. Your advice is greatly appreciated,

No problem

All the best.