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I purchased a Samsung printer in May of last year and have

Customer Question

I purchased a Samsung printer in May of last year and have subsequently had to have it repaired on 3 occasions and all the same problem. The drum inside the printer keeps jamming thereby not picking up the paper so it can print. This is preceeded by a very loud cracking noise. The first time I called and asked for a replacement I was told that I had to have two call outs and if the same problem occurred for a third time they would then replace it. When it happened for the third time they refused to replace it and again arranged for a technician to come out and inspect it. Because the toner cartridges inside the printer were not Samsung original (but they had been on the two initial occasions when the same problem happened) I was told that these were leaking (?) causing the drum to seize with a debris of toner. Within 3 days of calling a technician out for a third time the machine again suffered the same problem. They now say my warranty is null and void because I was not using original Samsung toners as it is classed as misuse and abuse. No where in the warranty does it say that. They do say however that they will send a technician out but that they will charge me! Kind of them. Ringing their customer service gets you nowhere and I was conned this afternoon by them saying it was the complaints department when in fact it was customer services (just with another number) and amazingly it turned out to be the same person I spoke to this morning from customer services who told me the warranty now meant nothing as on the last occasion when the technician came out (8th January) they were refilled toner cartridges. This seems to be what they class use and abuse. Surely I am at liberty to use whichever toner I wish and in any event the problem has occurred with samsung toners as well as the compatible ones. I now have a printer which is less than 12 months old which I cannot use as I cannot guarantee the problem wont occur again even if I use Samsung toners as I was doing on the first two occasions they were called out. This person in customer services told me he was as high up the chain as I could get and there was nobody senior to him I could speak to. I just can win and it is very frustrating. Please help. Gail Watkins
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  Jo C. replied 5 years ago.

How can I help with this?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

As the printer is under 12 months old and they have now rejected my warranty on the face of it I have to now go out and purchase a new printer. As the problem occurred whilst using both Samsung original toner cartridges as well as refillable ones, I would have thought that the fault did not lie with the toner as they suggest. I wish to know my rights in this and whether or not I can force their arm to abide by the terms of their warranty. I am at a loss as to whom to write to as whichever telephone number one calls, you always end up in the same department, Customer Services who are no use whatsoever. Whilst exploring the web, it is amazing how many other people have suffered at the hands of Samsung Customer Services.



Expert:  Jo C. replied 5 years ago.
Yes, so what is your question about this?