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We have an ongoing rift in my family concerning my Mothers

Customer Question

We have an ongoing rift in my family concerning my Mother's Will and house. My sister and I are being denied access to her at her home and we are very upset about this, my mother is terminally ill and has dementia, she is 85 years old and we need to know who can support us to be able to see her, please advise?

Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  James Mather replied 5 years ago.

Can we have full background please?

What do you want to know?

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

The problems started in 2007 when this Will was done secretly, my brother and sister took Mum unbeknown to us for a few visits to complete the Will at my sisters solicitors office. My other sister and I found out it was done when we went to clean Mums house and Mum or my sister Terri were not there to help us as arranged as they were at the Solicitors. When I asked where they had been when they came back Mum was very upset crying saying she had been to do her Will at the Solicitors, when I asked what had been going on I was told in no uncertain terms by them it was none of my business, this started a never ending rift of almost five years, in the last two years they have not let me visit Mum at her house which she own 50% of my siblings own 1/4 each of Mums house which they bought years ago not long after my father died. I last saw my Mother in August 2012 at my other brother Tim's house when she visited him and I was shocked how she looked and how vague and distant her mind seemed, I wrote to her Solicitor 2nd Dec 2012 asking if he could help me with some answers to things i.e was any care in place or was anyone a POA etc to which he advised me to seek a Solicitor and yes he had acted for my Mother in 2007-08. On NYE my mother was rushed into UCH Hospital in London and had to have major surgery, she is now terminally ill and was under a SOVA at the hospital due to my sister Lesley and my concerns about her care, I went to see her every day at the hospital as they could not stop me visiting her there and she was overjoyed to see me and my sister Lesley! However, she has now gone home to be looked after by her carer who is getting carer's allowance etc for her and when I went to see her four times now this week they have either not opened the door the first time so I called the police to check she is actually at home and was okay, this was advised by her social worker, the police went in and checked on her but my sister still would not let me in and now I have been accused of thieving a toy lorry out of my brother Tony's bedroom, which is untrue as I have not been into my mums house, they are trying to make my character look bad as an excuse not to let me see her. They are lying a lot about things and making it difficult to see Mum who is dying now, she also has a score of 7/26 Dementia which the hospital test showed and I have a copy of her report. The hospital Social Worker who placed the SOVA is saying he cannot do anything about the conflict and us not being able to see our dear Mum and that I need to seek legal advice, I have done this through Bolt Burdon and they say there is no law in the land that can make my brother Tony and sister Terri open the door and let me in to see my Mother, which I am tyring to challenge now. Please can you help? Sue Scott-Horne

Expert:  James Mather replied 5 years ago.
Thanks. I dont have a solution for you so will opt out for another expert to consider. No need to do anything as the thread is now open to all.