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James Mather
James Mather,
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I have a website and have received an

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I have a website and have received an email from Hire A Man And Van Ltd., a man and van removal service in Plymouth Devon suggesting I am copying his name.

Quote from the email "Message Body: I would like to inform you of the use of your website name and title and that this is a registered trading name and currently in use, Hire A Man And Van Ltd. is a currently active trading Limited company registered in the United Kingdom.
Please see note below section 13
13. What if someone copies the name I choose?"

I am not passing off as that Company, most of the pages on my site promote a man and van removal service in towns close to Watford where my business is based. The Ltd Company above appears to operate in Plymouth, Devon (I have no page relating to Plymouth)

My question is - should I be concerned and/or take any action?

Just a note. I have used your service previously. touchwoodsden I think, excellent service then.
I think Touchwoodsden is offline right now but I can pass this onto him if you would like?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

No need thank you. If this is your field I am more than happy to receive your advice.

Hello again. Remus asked me to look at this for you.

Is this letter from him or solicitors?

How long have you been trading?

The ltd co was inc in July 2012

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

I am pleased you have taken my question. I previously used your services via another [email protected] (no longer using that address) and you were very helpful with practical advice.


The correspondence was by email and was from the "man and van" man himself no mention of solicitors. Link to his website


I first published my site on 24 January 2012 as can be verified by viewing the initial post


Just to clarify matters - I set up this website to help my son-in-law with his man and van business which he started earlier in 2011. I also earn a few pounds a month from the Google Ads on my site (Adsense). In addition I have purchased a van myself to help my son-in-law and do a few light jobs with the van myself to supplement my pension.


I hope the above is sufficient.


Many thanks.



I would be inclined to tell him,
metaphorically, to get stuffed.

I would write back to him, telling him
that your own business was operational before his and therefore he should
change his name. Tell him that if he pursues this you will write to companies
house asking them to make him change his co name for him passing off as you!

It would be better coming from a

Can I help further?

Please bear with me today because I will
be online and off-line with clients and other users and travelling

Please don't forget to positively rate
my answer service (even if it was not what you wanted to hear) and I will
follow up any further points you raise for free. If you don't rate it positively,
then the site keep your deposit and I get 0 for my time. If in ratings you feel
that you expected more or it only helped a little, please ask me for further
info before rating me negatively otherwise I don't get paid at all for my time
and answer.

The thread remains open.

James Mather,
Category: Law
Satisfied Customers: 22629
Experience: Senior Partner at Berkson Wallace
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Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Many thanks for your help again.


I feel inclined to leave things as they are unless he peruses matters. However maybe a letter from a solicitor would leave the door open and by taking the initiative show intent?


Maybe to the point where I could sell him the domain name and allow him to keep his Company name. (Just a thought)


Would you be able to respond to his initial email? and if so what would your fee be.


Kind regards



We cannot take instructions, sorry.

No reason not to ignore and if he writes again, give him both barrels!