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I parked in a disabled car parking space at my local retail

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I parked in a disabled car parking space at my local retail park in november (I am not disabled) I received a parking charge notice from ukcps ltd followed by a reminder which I ignored.
I have now received what appeares to be a county court claim form issued from Northampton (ccbc) county court for the sum of £175.00 unpaid parking charge.

I was lead to belive that because the retail park was free parking and not part of the high way that parking charges were unenforcable..

Help please..

Mr Geoffrey Barton
They are not unenforceable any more.

Were they acting on behalf of a local council? That would make sense from what you've said.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

For jomo1972

Looking through the parking charge notice and 2 further charge notice demands received, they (UKCPS) give no indication that they were acting on behalf of the local council (St Helens Metropolitan Council)

Just states parked on land named Ravenhead Retail Park.

Reason for issue, Parked in a disabled bay without valid badge displayed

I am sorry but thats a problem.

You need to be very careful with private land companies. Some of the do indeed act as a private land issue but sometimes the local councils contract out their duty to police the area to local firms. I suspect that is what has happened here.

You can get to the bottom of that by talking to Northampton County Court in the morning.

However, from the facts you describe unfortunately it would seem you are in difficulty.

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Customer: replied 5 years ago.

The land is owned by a company called Hammersons ltd,and the wording on the claim notice is as follows,


This land is managed by UKCPS Ltd vehicles parked on this site are subject to restrictions set out on sighs and form a contract between the driver of the vehicle and ukcps Ltd.

on 18-11-2012 at 15.47 the driver parked in a disabled bay without displaying a valid badge

by parking on this land a driver contractually agrees to pay a charge of £100.00 for use of the space the amount remains unpaid and stands at £150.00 including costs incurred in collection.


1) is a blue badge parking scheme enforcable on a retail park off the highway.


2) is a parking charge enforcable on what is a free car park

Whats your question about that?

Delighted to answer follow ups for free but please rate my answer.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Is a blue badge parking scheme offence enforcable when parked on a retail park but not on the highway ?

Is a parking charge enforcable when parked on what basically is a free car park ?

1 It is if this is local council land which would be what the circumstances of this fine suggests. Don't be fooled just because the issuer is a private land finer. Sometimes the Councils contract out.

Also, if this is private land then sometimes the terms of the contact of parking do prohibit acting in breach of things like a blue badge scheme.

But that wouldn't explain why this went to Northampton.

2 Yes. They are now. The Protection of Freedoms Act has plugged up the gap of them having to identify the driver.You could try to argue that they did not sustain loss but they would probably try to claim some administration costs.