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I have just read a landlords opinion of DSS tenants ( all bundled

Customer Question

I have just read a landlords opinion of DSS tenants ( all bundled up together) What about genuine people and greedy and aggressive l/lords my daughter suffers from manic depression, as long as she is allowed to live quietly she gets along fine, but she is vulnerable ,and people exploit this. She has been evicted twice now by greedy l/lords wanting more money for their property. She is unable to cope with fighting these people. Now the last member of our family has sold there house to go abroad she has no-one who is a property owner to stand guarantor her. She has a dog that is her therapy and family and she is going to lose her because she has to go into a b/b. There are many vulnerable people in our society who are unprotected and exploited. How can she set up a policy for her l/lords protection for her getting in arrears, which I might add she never has.
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  Max Lowry replied 5 years ago.

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please cancel this transaction it is too confusing trying to work out how this works I am getting no response to my communications. my opinion of your service.....very poor.

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