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i am a nurse who has retired, my last employee has made allegation

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i am a nurse who has retired, my last employee has made allegation against me that has been sent to the nursing and midwifery council for investation, and the police, the allegation is that i detroyed a mar sheet after another member of staff gave a medication error. although i admit i did do this, as i was under pressure from the owners, no excuse i know and it was a mistake i made. at present i still have a pin number to work as a nurse but i have retired from nursing, so therefore i dont have a problem being taken from the register what iam concerned about is the police as i have never been in trouble with them before. i need advise as iam really concerned what the police will do about this.
Did any harm result to the patient from the medication error?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

no harm to the patient with this medication error,the patient has dementia and was very often falling he was on larozpam 1mg in 24hours, the member of staff who gave 0.5mg at night which meant 0.5mg was overdosed for 4 evenings. the person concerned denied doing this, because i had an audit the next day i made the mistake of rewriting a new mar sheet.although i spoke with the gp. i didnt document that iam afraid.

Thanks. In that case I doubt if the police would be interested. What you did was an attempt to cover up misprescription or administration of a drug but the person who did it was not prosecuted then there is nothing for you to be concerned about. Criminal prosecutions over patient care are extremely rare and usually result from deliberate harm or death as a result of negligence or want of care.
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Customer: replied 5 years ago.

thanks, XXXXX XXXXX did try and cover up the mistake, because they have reported to the police that is what iam worried about more than anything. as i have left that employment i have no idea if the person that made the mistake has been prosecuted but i doubt that. thanks it has made me feel a bit better.

Yes i am sure you have nothing to worry about. It seems a shame given you have retired that the matter is going
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Hi thanks for your e-mail and 7days free, Iam still scared the police will knock at my door, dont know why really but iam,


Well they will not- if they had been planning to you would have heard something by now. It really is not a matter for the police
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Hi thanks yes i couldnt understand why the police would become involved in what i did, but it was still worrying i do thank you very much for putting my mind at rest.


I am sure it is fine