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Hi, I worked for the Post Office for 25yrs. In that

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I worked for the Post Office for 25yrs.

In that time I was on the premises, and/or 'held up', on 6 occasions.

I stood up to each attack... and safeguarded PO cash each and every time...placing PO cash ahead of my own. At no time did I ever receive any 'emotional help' to deal with the aftermath.

As an Area Manager I also had to contend with the murder of a Police Officer at one of my offices during a knife robbery. This was my low-point. I soon was working 95+hours a week to cope with the fall-out, and went off the rails, and the helplessness has stayed with me forever. I fear I never truly recovered from the feeling of helplessness.

More recently, as a Senior 'Head Office' Manager I was doing "Cash and Value in Transit" training, (so we could 'strike-bust'), and was robbed.

At the moment of the attack my first thought was 'My partner is giving birth to my 1st son in a few days'... but then my reactions kicked in, I didn't want my unborn son to think of me as a 'victim' so I gave chase. Whilst sprinting after him I called 999, and during the 10min chase they recorded a running commentary. The robber was apprehended and, because of my evidence, pleaded guilty in court the very next day and was convicted!!!

No one ever bothered to tell me what sentence he received... A 'ticking off', One week inside' or 10yrs... I was never told... Despite risking my life for the 'brand' that was the 'PO'. My boss invited the whole team down the pub and made me buy a round. He then gave me my reward. It was a 'voucher for £60'. Great!! The round I'd just bought was £75!! ... and all I could recall was how my last thoughts, as I sprinted after the robber, was that "If I die I hope my unborn son knows I died for justice".

After a 25yr career, during the recession, and on good money, within a year of this incident I'd left.

All that WENT through my mind was that they knew that on at least 6 occasions (at least as far as 'they' were was actually many more!) I'd felt I'd laid my life on the line to protect PO cash. I received 3 rewards in that time totaling £1.3k. The last 'event' I saved +£20k and received £60.

... but this is just the cusp of the injustice, (I will, of course, share more details about the ignorant 'psychological pressure' I received from my 'Lead Management' team the next time I was required to leave the office and do 'CViT' training...which I did).

My 1st marriage collapsed within months. This happened as a result of the 'experiences' that haunted me after my first few attacks...My second marriage collapsed within months of the birth of my 1st son. I have never opened up about this but it is a direct result of the incessant, constant, paranoia that I have experienced as a result of my 'final' attack.

I now have shut myself away... I can't deal with people, (though once was known as a gregarious and 'open' person)... I fear even answering the telephone (which is often now disconnected).

I am feeling more and more suicidal about 'crime', but for the sake of my children I have not killed myself yet.

I once met a Gulf War Veteran who'd experienced less 'trauma' than I had done

I simply want justice... and to not be so f*cked up as a result of having the p*ss taken out of me by Post Office Ltd...and so as others might get the care and support necessary when it happens to them.


n.b. If I do top myself, as a result of my constant paranoia, or if I 'flip-out' the next time I see someone being 'anti-social', what can I do to help my kids understand what happened to their dad? :/
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  Jo C. replied 5 years ago.

Would it be possible to summarise your question and I will try to help?