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My student son would like to work temporarily in New Zealand

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My student son would like to work temporarily in New Zealand after graduation
However he received a £100 fine for possession of cocaine 20 months ago.
Will be be able to get a vis a to enter and work
Thank you for your question.

Yes he will. He was not sentenced to imprisonment and accordingly is not excluded under the NZ Immigration Act.

Th conviction will show up on the searches required and mist be declared on the application but it will not result in the refusal of the application.

Here are the rules:

"Under sections 15 and 16 of the Immigration Act the authority will not grant you a visa if:

you have been convicted and sentenced to imprisonment for 5 years or more (this applies even if any of your offences have later been taken off the record)
in the past 10 years you were convicted and sentenced to imprisonment for 12 months or more
you are subject to a period of prohibition on entry to New Zealand under section 179 or 180 of the Immigration Act 2009
you have been deported or removed from New Zealand under any enactment (whether before or after the commencement of the Immigration Act 2009)
you are excluded from New Zealand under any enactment
you have, at any time, been removed, excluded, or deported from another country
you have been involved in terrorist activities, or belonged to or supported any organisation involved in terrorist activities
it is believed you are likely to commit – or to assist others to commit – criminal or drug offences, or an act of terrorism, in New Zealand
it is believed you are likely – due to any international circumstances – to be a danger to New Zealand’s security or public order
it is believed you are associated with an organisation or group that has criminal objectives or is engaged in criminal activities and for that – or any other reason – you’re considered to be a threat to the public interest or public order of New Zealand."

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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
A very quick and clear answer.
We have been concerned about his chances and you have helped our understanding of his situation .
Many thanks
You are welcome.