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Openreach made alterations to the routing of telephone wires

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Openreach made alterations to the routing of telephone wires in my neighbourhood. My telephone wire and my neighbour's used to come from a pole on the opposite side of the road. Since the alterations, both wires are coming from a pole on our side of the road and are crossing diagonally over the front roof of my bungalow. Mine is attached to a new and very unsightly bracket. I strongly object to this new arrangement and have complained in writing by recorded delivery ( I received no reply )and by email. I am receiving replies from the "gatekeeper" in Openreach but they are not budging. It does not seem fair that they have the right to do this over my property. Do they have easement for overhead wiring? I would even be willing to dispense with a "landline" to remove the offending wires and bracket.
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So is it only the look you don't like.?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.


Yes the new arrangement is unsightly and spoils the look of my bungalow.

They are saying they consulted. You say it is different to what they have done.

They do not have an easement if this is something new, they need your permission,

As such you can issue proceedings and seek a court order that they resite it.

But you should write first and give 28 days warning and say if they refuse to move it you will go to court.

You can issue proceedings if they fail to do so by going to your county court and filling out form n1

You will also need to pay an issue fee of £175

The matter will then be listed for hearing and BT can say whether they are going to defend it.

If they do the matter will proceed to trial.

What you are asking for is an order that they remove it and do it off property.

They will say they consulted and you will need evidence to show that they do not have permission and if they did, that permission was exceeded by the new design

If you have home or motor insurance with legal cover this may cover you for any legal fees.

I realise that this is stressful but hope this helps,

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I'm just following up with you to see how everything is going. Did my answer help?

Customer: replied 5 years ago.


Thank you. Your answer was helpful.I have emailed Openreach again today to ask for an update . I have also suggested that Ofcom may offer a solution. If I don't receive a satisfactory response then I shall consider the court order. I shall give Openreach one more week to respond satisfactorily.

I believe that a solution would be to re-route the wires by taking them underground. This was done without hesitation by Scottish Power when I complained to them about the same neighbour's power line coming over my property. Yes, up to a fortnight ago there were THREE cables passing over in front of my bungalow.

I have looked again at the telephone wiring and estimate that the wire coming over my property to my neighbour's bungalow passes less than two metres away from my bungalow. This, I believe, is not in accordance with the "flying wires act" . Openreach maintain that the work carried out complies with the regulations.

Thanks for the update!

Lets hope it gets resolved soon.