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Max Lowry
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I have a book published in 1907 with a photo of the author

Customer Question

I have a book published in 1907 with a photo of the author but no name

I have a second edition of the book published in 1909 which names the author and
was printed by a different publisher and in addition some of the copy has changed

I wish to produce a facsimile copy of the 1907 book with some updated information
and current photos to sell

What is my position?
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  Max Lowry replied 5 years ago.

Max Lowry :

Hi, welcome to Just Answer. I will help you with your question.

Max Lowry :

Copyright in works with an unknown author (as seems to be the case here) expires 70 years after the publication of the book (s.12 of the copyright Design and Patents Act 1988). So, it is now out of copyright and you'd be free to copy it and reproduce it as you see fit.

Max Lowry :

If, however, the author is identified, then copyright expires 70 years after the authors death.

Max Lowry :


JACUSTOMER-04x1w1oz- : P
JACUSTOMER-04x1w1oz- : Max
Max Lowry :


JACUSTOMER-04x1w1oz- : the photo of the author
JACUSTOMER-04x1w1oz- : the photo of the author is the same in the second edition 1909 when he is named will this make a difference notwithstanding that the second edition is by a different publisher
Max Lowry :

Ah ... yes, he will be an identified author, and this scenario is address by s.12(3) of the 1988 Act. Basically, because he is identified in the 1090 version, then the 70 years from date of death will apply. So you need to find out when he died.

Max Lowry :

The different publisher is irrelevant.

Max Lowry :

Does this answer your question?

JACUSTOMER-04x1w1oz- : How can I establish the authors date of death?
Max Lowry :

If a known (or fairly known) author, you should be able to make some headway with google searches. If not, then you might be better off contacting the publisher and asking them.

Max Lowry :

If this answers your question, please rate the answer for me as highly as you can.

Max Lowry :

If you would like more information, please just let me know.