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I have just discovered today that my Driving Licence ran ut

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I have just discovered today that my Driving Licence ran ut in June 2011. What should I do?

Have you been stopped driving?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

No. I was completely unaware of this until I had to show my licence today as proof of identity.


There is an offence of failing to renew your driving licence but probably they would not bother to pursue it. It carries a fine only anyway.

If you haven't renewed though since 2011 then the DVLA have probably revoked your licence because it has expired. Thats not fatal at all as you can easily renew it but the issue will be that if you are caught driving upon a revoked licence then that is driving not in accordance and it invalidates your insurance. That hasn't happened and as long as you deal with it then it won't.

I suppose you no longer have any reminders or renewal application packs from the DVLA if you were ever sent them at all?

If so, you need to get a D1 form from the post office or from the DVLA online form ordering service and complete it. There is charge.

You are still entitled to drive if your licence has expired but not if its been revoked.

Expiry of a licence is the offence of failing to renew.

Revocation means you no longer have entitlement to drive.

I wouldn't suggest driving until this is resolved.

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