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My next door neighbour has rigged up a pulley from which he

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My next door neighbour has rigged up a pulley from which he is is hanging carcases, skinning them and jointing them. This is immediately opposite my kitchen window, across my drive which is approx.3m distance. Do we have to put up with this?
Please clarify if you have discussed this with your neighbour?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

The son is the neighbour and no discussion because he is not there. Father arrived in van with another person and set up the rig and proceeded with the skinning etc in his son's absence. When they finished they used garden hose pipe to flush awy any blood.

What carcases are they?

Is ita one off?

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

No expert in carcases - 3 carcases - larger than lambs, maybe young deer .One carcase needed skinning - looked like hide rather than fur or wool.


First time , but neighbour has started hunting/shooting, so can only assume may be other times.

I assume that he has the
necessary gun licences.

The first thing I would do
before kicking up a fuss is to see whether this happens again and then I would
be doing something about it. Keep a note of dates and incidents and refer the
matter to the Environmental Health Department of the local authority. In I
would also refer it to the environmental agency because they cannot simply wash
the blood into the ground or down the drains.

Finally, you can take them to
court to get an injunction to prevent them doing this because, in my opinion,
this is common law Private nuisance.

A solicitors letter
threatening the application and threatening an application for costs, might
make them sit up and take note. I assume that you have no wish to talk
personally to these people

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Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Diolch yn fawr - thank you.


Yes, I would assume they have licenses. His father is a retired police inspector, rather abrasive . The neighbour himself is young, pleasant, polite, plays rugby, sometimes for Wales, but still under his father's thumb.

I wish I could speak Welsh. I live in N Wales.

The problem with some retired senior bobbies is that they still think they are the law!