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UK Law question. I have been chatting to a lady on cam for

Customer Question

UK Law question. I have been chatting to a lady on cam for the past couple of years and have a few times. Her husband has found out my using monitoring/key logging software on her PC (he even says what browsers I used ans what IP address). Today a 6-page letter from him was hand delievered at my house, addressed to my wife. This is scary as he is in Scotland and we are in London -but it was hand delivered - not posted. In it he mixes fact and fiction to 'warn' my wife about me. He also threatens to tell my employers that I chatted to his wife on cam from work PC. He has also texted me in the past threatening to do this, but i did not take him seriously. SO now I have texts and a letter containing threats. My wife and I will work this out - but we are scared of what this guy might do. Is it possible to get some sort of injunction to prevent him contacting or sending information about us to me or my wife, or my work or anyone we know?

Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  Jo C. replied 5 years ago.

How did he get your address?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

I don;t know for sure. He definitely has a keylogger or some monitoring installed in her PC. At some point over the last couple of years we will have discuseed where I live - I can;t remember ever giving her the full address, but may have, or he may have got it from the area, my name and electoral roll or some similar. Either way it was obtained by monitoring he PC without her knowledge and is now being used to send distressing and threatening notes.

Expert:  Jo C. replied 5 years ago.
Isnt it possible that she gave it to him?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

No. I know her really well. She is in a bad marriage with an insanely jealous and controlling man. He threatens her, hits her sometimes, controls her, sometimes follows her when she goes out, stops her seeing friends, threatens to leave her and take their child from her...etc. She is planning to leave him and is seeing a solicitor on Monday. She has rented a flat and is going ot move out. He must know all this from his monitoring, and maybe that is why he is soing this now, as she and I talk about it often, which I guess is why he wants to get at me. But let's say she did tell him - there are 2 issues. 1. His monitoring of her private correspondence - which is for her to sort out I guess. 2. The fact that he is distressing me and my wife and threatening in me in texts and a letter and threatening to contact my employers. Where point 2 is concerned, does it matter how he found out my address?

Expert:  Jo C. replied 5 years ago.
Yes, I really wouldn't get involved in this relationship. You only know her version of events and its quite unlikely that its an entirely full and complete description. Certainly, on no account let her put you in a position where you are exposed to risk. This is her relationship and her problem to sort out.

It may well matter how he got the address. If he's come by it unlawfully it makes it easier to get injunctions but probably she told him.

In terms of injunctions that are effective you would have to seek one in Scotland since he needs to be subject to its jurisdiction. Unfortunately you will be bound by domestic legislation but they do have prohibitions upon harassment now. If there are repeated acts of contact, even indirectly, towards you then that would amount to harassment. The only problem I can foresee with this at this stage is that he is making lawful threats. He is perfectly entitled to tell your wife about your contact with his and your employer about anything that may concern them. I suppose you could argue that the volume of acts of vexation amounts to harassment.

The only issue is that there would be expense in this action.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

So is he was prepared to state that she did not tell him and he cam by it unlawfully, that would make a difference?

Expert:  Jo C. replied 5 years ago.
It would be easier to persuade a court that he has behaved unreasonably and so easier to support a harassment argument.

Try not to get involved in this type of relationship nonsense though. I realise you were only trying to help but you wouldn't have this problem with your wife or your employer if you had left them to it.