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Dear Expert We tried to claim our Vouchers way back in 20010

Customer Question

Dear Expert

We tried to claim our Vouchers way back in 20010 and 12 to no avai from Club Classl. I was in contact with the National Claims group, London, who apparently took this to court and forwarded paperwork to ASP in Spain as our money could be claimed. Since that we have been transferred to diffent people, and surposedly ending up with the Tax Office in Malagar speaking to a Mr Mike Taterson tele no. 0034 XXXXXXXXX and 0034 XXXXXXXXX Chris Millington and others. Mike last week said he went to the Town Hall to finalise our papers and we would get our money by Bankers Draft 2 days later and have other dates since. To date nothing has arrived. Can you show any light on this please ? as times are very hard at the moment. Also C/Class are chasing for membershuip fee of £95, I won't pay this yet as I understand they are part of a scam. Is this true. ?
I'm sorry to have to bother you with this as we are just about at our wits end, particularly as we have our daughter-in-law in hospital with Myloma.
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  Senior Partner replied 5 years ago.
Was this the club class scheme under which you handed over a timeshare? Or a different one? How did you make contact with the national claims group?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

This was Club Class Concierge in Malaga, we changed RCI Sunterra Points in 2007 for Saffire membership then to Platinum membership in Tenerife in September 2008 to CB Marketing Fanabe Plaza, Adeje.


I made contact with National Claims by phone as advised by our Citazens Advice Group (I think, it's a long time ago) as at the time we were being pestered by Diamond Resorts for £1,967,57 for membership which we didn't own and was surposed to be sorted by Club Class. I hope I have got this right, I have so much paperwork it's unbelieveable.


Thank you

Expert:  Senior Partner replied 5 years ago.
Thanks. Most of the Club Class companies were wound up last year as they were basically a scam and promised to exchange holiday or time shares but never legally actually did. I would be very surprised if The citizens advice bureau recommended you to National Claims as they are not a law firm and do not appear to be a claims company that is licensed by the Ministry of Justice. Their website offers no information or even a proper legal identity. So if you paid them money I am afraid you can assume you have lost it. If you paid by credit card you should claim form the credit card company. Otherwise you have no real recourse.

You will also still own whatever club class were supposed to " sort out" for you I am afraid. Sorry to be the bearer of bad tidings.

If you want ot try and sort it out you need to take all the documents to a solicitor to review it and tell you what you own or do not own but the basic principle is that you cannot transfer your obligations without the consent of the other party whatever Club Class told you so if you started with RCI diamond resorts then that is what you will still be liable for.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

No we didn't pay citizens advice.

Do you know if the Spanish Government have agreed to pay compensation for claims that have been submitted to them.


We originally bought the timeshare while at Sunset Bay, Tenerife, from Glowbal Vacations, back in the 1980's

Expert:  Senior Partner replied 5 years ago.
No so far as i am aware the Spanish government have never agreed to pay compensation. It would not be normal for a government to pay compensation such circumstances.

I did not imagine you paid citizens advice, if I was not clear I meant National Claims group.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Thank you for your help. Should we require any further information we will again contact you.


Will now try and find Solicitor who deals with this.

Expert:  Senior Partner replied 5 years ago.
Ok good luck with sorting this out.