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i invested in a company called acropolis sgps last april.from

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i invested in a company called acropolis sgps last april.from this they have now changed name to amber crest investments.they are now saying the company acropolis has sold the investments to amber crest.these people are professional con men i know for fact.when i bought the shares they sent out a certificate for the shares but they sent no terms or conditions with this a breach of contract and would amber crest be liable for the refund.if i dont get money back i want to expose these people.what is best route to go down.
Good evening

Are they based in the UK?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

yes and no they are meant to have an office in maderia.also they work out of canary wharf.this really is quite complex for me to write i am involved with them under a different company name for a different project.i have contracts for that project but they seem to have shut that company down.thats the con.if you need anything else ask me questions and i will try to answer best i can.

Were they a limited company?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

not sure.i only now them as acropopils sgps and amber crest investments sgps

Thank you.

What is the breach of contract? Which term have they breached?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

thats the thing.they did not give me any terms and conditions only gave me a laminated a4 paper certificate this is why i want to know if it is all legal or can i use this against them to get money back.also i was lied to and bullied from the salesman when they were acropolis.i invested on april last year and he told me the project was sold and would have money back by may.dont have proof of that.have emails from this guy under his alias name

To argue that there has been a breach of contract you would need to point clearly to a breach. The fact that they haven't sent you terms and conditions does not amount to breach necessarily.

If the salesmen lied to you then that would amount to a misrepresentation and you can rely upon that to claim a refund. The lie would have to be on material facts.

The change of name may be a difficulty though. If they are limited companies then liability does not pass automatically.

You can report them to trading standards however.

I trust this assist you.
F E Smith and other Law Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

thankyou.if i was taking it further would it be benificial to have a lawyer to represent me.what field of lawyer would i use and do you know a middle of the road lawyer company.would amber crest be liable even though i bought through acropolis.


thanks again

Thank you.

How much did you invest?