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I applied for a trial of a slimming product on line and paid

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I applied for a trial of a slimming product on line and paid the trial price of £2.49 x2 (as two products where bought together as advised on web site)the money was taken from my visa account on8th Feb 2013,but I have never recieved anything at all from the company SLIMZENE.To my distress on 25th Feb 2013 the same company took £69.95 x2 total of £139.90 out of my account.Totally without my knowledge or consent.I still have never received anything at all from the company.The only way I have of contacting the company,Slimzene,is via the web site and sending an email,which ive done twice,explaining the situation.They have totally ignored both emails.I am a single mum on very limited income and this has made me sick with stress and worry.I really dont know what to do,?Do I go to the police?
How do I recover my money if they refuse to reply to my emails and I have no phone number or address?
Please please help me. yours faithfully Sam Mann.
Hello, my name is XXXXX XXXXX it is my pleasure to be able to assist with your question today. Please let me know what is their website?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hello Ben,sorry fordelay getting back to you. the company is Slimzene,the products were neu cleanse neucle and slimzene neucleans,it was advised on the site to buy both together.As i have no correspondance from them at all the only proof i have is on my bank statement. I hope this is enough info for you.the web address is (there are a few with very similar names but only one slimzene ) thanks Ben,appreciate it

If give out your card details that effectively gives the other side authorisation to use it to make recurrent payments. This is dangerous because it basically allows them to charge your card whenever they believe money is owed and they do not need your permission to do so. Your initial consent is sufficient.

Whilst 99% of companies will never abuse this and will only take money that is genuinely due, a small proportion use this loophole in a fraudulent manner. They often complicate matters even more by not providing any contact details which makes it very difficult to contact them to try and cancel the payments.

The major issue is that there is no easy way to stop such payments. You will have to rely on the other party to stop taking the payments in the first place – you can’t simply ask your bank to block them.

If the payments are still being collected and the other party refuses to stop or simply ignores your requests, then you may need to raise a dispute with your bank or credit card provider. Contact them and state that you are disputing these unauthorised payments and request that they do something about it through their fraud protection scheme.

As an alternative, you may try cancelling the card that was used or even the account to which it is linked. Whilst in some instances that may work, if further recurring payments are made it could keep the account open and the bank may ask you to settle any debts first before it is closed.

In the first instance you should still contact the bank, whilst continuing to try and contact the party which is taking the payments.

Please take a second to leave a positive rating as that is a very important part of our process. Your question will not close and I can continue providing further advice if necessary. Thank you
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

so even though ive never recieved anything from this company they can just steal my money indefinatly? this just seems like being repeatedly cyber mugged .How the hell is this legal? can trading standards do anything? surley a company must have to register somewhere?they must have to provide some sort of credentials as it was a facebook link do i contact them ?

it is certainly not legal but it is just difficult to do anything about. You can report them to Trading Standards but they do not always get involved when you would want them to, although you certainly have nothing to lose in contacting them. A company has to be properly registered to operate legally but they are of course not operating legally here - anyone can claim to have a company set up and ask for your payment details, it does not mean they are legitimate
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

sorry to keep bothering you with this ,but if its not exactly legal why cant the old bill do something about it?i mean dont they have a department or something for just this sort of thing?Its just so frustrating,this must of happened to other people and it should be addresssed, thanks for the help Ben,youve been a star,

The police are unlikely to be interested in this, whilst we expect them to deal with every crime that takes place, they cannot realistically do so. They will see that you had voluntarily given them your card details and will simply say it is a civil dispute
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

so what,small claims ? get a brief on the case ,would i be eligible for legal aid for something like this? i dont want the scum bags getting away with it..

No this will not be a legal aid case, you have to fund it yourself, however if I was you I would not really consider doing this - you will most likely end up paying more fees and spending further time without a positive result so will lose even more. They have most likely already gotten away with it, it's the unfortunate reality
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thats just not right,wtf do i pay taxes for if the old bill cant be bothered,this outfit is probably doing this to hundreds if not thousands of people how the hell can there be basically nothing i can do,thats a weeks wages to me its put me in rent arrears,means a parking ticket went from 60 to 120 and i didnt have a clue until the fine payment was denied its so unfair,is there no action i can take ? it seems unbelieveable that they can still operate even though cos they are still on the go and nothing can be done to close this site down

There is action you can take as already explained but it will just not guarantee you get anything back and I am just making you aware that in the process you may actually end up spending even more money without having anything to show for it. There is nothing stopping you from contacting the police, but from experience I can also say that they are unlikely to do anything about it