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Can a local authority charge council tax for services is not

Customer Question

Can a local authority charge council tax for services is not supply
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  Jenny replied 4 years ago.
Hello and welcome to Just Answer, please can you explain the situation in more detail?
Expert:  joannem1965 replied 4 years ago.
Hi there from your question it looks like your asking if a council can still charge you council tax if they're not providing some of the services that you're paying them for. To be honest the answer's no - some of the services that the council provides will be determined by the government and will be mandatory, other services will be provided at the council's discretion. Each council will have determined its own rates depending on the area and what services they offer so in a way this decision would've already been made. You can only get discounts for certain things like single occupancy, dwelling exemptions and so on but not if you believe your council's not providing the services they should because they wouldn't always provide the full services that councils can offer and this would've already been considered when the rates were set.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I inherited a house from my Son who died in Dec 2011 aged 49. My Son set about a complete restoration, to a very high standard, in the evenings and at weekends. In 1998 his department was outscourced from AEA Technology at Sellafield to a French IT company in the south of England and he could only get home at weekends so the restoration was not completed.


In 2005 he was made redundant by the French firm as they wanted him to relocate to Milton Keynes, which he was reluctant to do.

He was refused any Social Security payments due to his savings and he was left to live off his savings.

In 2011 ,having drawndown his savings, he was granted JSA at about £73.00 per week . He had applied for countless jobs but because of the Credit crunch no firm in this area was recruiting IT personnel.

I believe he lapsed into depression due to these circumstances and died in his bed from a heart attack.

My wife and I set about completing the restoration, using builders for the

major work and I am doing the joinery and plumbing and electrical work.


The local authority are insisting we pay council tax on the property even though they are not providing any services as the house in yet ready to put on the market. They are shortly to levy 150% of the council tax which I find incredible.


We have spent about £35000.00 on the work so far and £1650.00 on LPG for the heating, water, electricity and Insurance.

I had to pay off his overdraft at the bank, fortunately just under £1000 but have to continue paying his Motgage to the Bank, just over £266.00 per month.

I am aged 80 and my wife is 77, we get the state pensions and have modest private pensions that put us just above the Tax credit levels.


We had some cash reserves but they have been whittled away by the low

interest paid on cash savings.


My Son had a preserved pension from AEA Technology but, because he was unmarried and had no Ilegitimate children, the Trustees of the pension fund keep the fund and his Estate gets nothing.


We have to pay over £1500.00 per year for our council tax on our property, for which the only benefit we get is a bin enptied fortnightly.


If the council can charge 150% of the tax on a Band F property, that is uninhabited, we will be bankrupt in about two years time.


It hardly seems fair.


I worked from age 15 to 65 and was never unemployed and only received about six weeks sickness benefit in fifty years.

Expert:  Nicola-mod replied 4 years ago.

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