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Good evening. I am a victim of a western union scam and lost

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Good evening. I am a victim of a western union scam and lost 600 pounds and the western union company doesn't want to give me my money back!! How can I protect and take my money back from Western Union?
Hello, my name is XXXXX XXXXX it is my pleasure to be able to assist with your question today. Please let me know what exactly happened?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Yes thanks. 3 days ago I have a conversation through a website with a poster of 1 bedroom flat. She told me through email that she cannot accept time wasters and in order to give her time to show the flat I need to proof to her my readiness and financial capaability for the flat. For that reason she ask me to make a transfer in any relative of friend through western union the amount of security deposit at least which is 600 pounds scan the copy and send it to her through her email. She told me that the sender must be my name and the receiver any relative or friend inside the UK. Unfortunately I believed her and Sunday mornig went to Western union and make a transfer 600 pounds with my name as a sender and a friend of mine as the receiver just for the confirmation I have the money on me for the flat!!!

Unfortunately Western Union are not at fault here in any way and you cannot hold them responsible. By agreeing to use their services you confirm that you know who you are sending the money to and that you trust them. You have basically asked WU to process the payment for you and once you have sent the recipient the authorisation code to claim the payment it is as gone as sending cash through the post. You will not be protected by WU in any way and cannot hold them responsible as they have done nothing wrong. The only way to get any money back is to pursue the person you sent it to but from experience I can say that it's highly unlikely you will get anywhere with that as it is not only going to be very difficult to trace them but even if you do you have to take them through court and that will result in more time and money without any guarantee of success. As much as it pains me to tell you, I do have to be honest with you and say that you need to write off this loss as it is extremely unlikely you will ever recover any of it, I am sorry
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Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Good evening. I lost the page and now continue the story. I make a transfer 600 pounds through an outlet of Western Union in East-Ham and and after send the scan to her email(for confirmation that I really interested for the flat and have the money upfront). Unfortunately for me this is a big big Scam on the net which there are no real flats no real people and after 1 day received an email from a warner scammer that this lady is scamming me through email. He told me go asap to Western Union to cancel the transfer because those crooks with fake ID cards even though I didn't put her name as a receiver stealing money with this system from customers continuasly!!!Nobody can trace them and Western Union outlets accepting some times fake id and if you have the 10 digit number of the transaction(which she has through my scan) they can take the money asap and run away!!! I phone Western Union customer service and they told me that Sunday around 2.09 pm somebody
in the West Norwood outlet using my 10 digit number of the transfer took the money already!!!! I ask them how come? Without id? The don't check at all if the id is real or fake and sometimes only with the 10 digit transfer number they can collect money!! I ask from Western union to cancel the transaction and immediately giving my money back!!!They deny and they told me that this transaction has already finished and they cannot do anything against it!! My question is very simple. Can I claim officially my money from Western Union company and take my money back? How come without check of the ID anyone can take the money so easily? I spoke to the Action FRAUD company and also to the Metropolital Police officer through the phone!!! I have number of my case in ACTION fRAUD NFRC13030019087.Do I have any chance to take money from Western Union company claiming that they give to a fraud guy money so easily without even checking? If you need my copy from this
transaction let me know I can send it immediately.



I am afraid you cannot get your money back from Western Union in this instance. You have already send the PIN number to the recipient and the money has been withdrawn. Once this happens WU cannot do anything to recover your money - they can only stop the transaction before the money has been claimed. Once it has been claimed after you sent them the PIN number they have no further responsibility in this matter. You can argue that they have not checked the ID properly but you do not know what ID was actually used and cannot prove that it was a clear fake that should have been spotted so using that argument will be rather difficult.