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Music Video: Difficulties with the Director.

Customer Question

I recently produced a Music Video for a band who are personal friends of mine and I introduced a Director to the project.


They are well known Internationally and have stated that they commissioned the work on the strength of our relationship, and were not keen on the Directors showreel.


I agreed to put the job through the directors company as I work freelance. During the preperation leading up to the shoot, the Director hindered the project and failed to deliver the shots required on the day.


Following the shoot she took the footage (Rushes) and changed the edit arrangements to her own. She refused to inform me where the edit was taking place, and made mistakes during this process so that the final edit was not the quality expected.


Although the Music Video was delivered on schedule, the Director is refusing to answer emails with regards XXXXX XXXXX monies that I am owed, along with a request by the band to have the Rushes on a hard drive, which was paid for out of the budget.


The director has previously sent me an email claiming I am removed from the production, although this is not what the band agree with.


She is also accusing me of harassing her, although I have stated many times to her that I want things to remain professional and amicable, and the only 'harassment' she can accuse me of is emails to ask her simple questions about delivery of the project, a request from the band for the rushes, and my outstanding expenses.


I have also sent her a post mortem account of where she failed in her responsibilites and how those actions hindered the success of the porject.


I have sent requests to the director to answer simple questions with regards XXXXX XXXXX forward to closure on this project, but she is not responding.


How do I move forward? Many thanks. Geoff Glendenning

Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  James Mather replied 4 years ago.
How much money are we looking at here? Has she been paid?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Things have now changed since yesterday and I will nolonger be needing an answer to the issues I highlighted.

Expert:  James Mather replied 4 years ago.
No problem. I will close the question.