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My Step-Father owns two properties, a house that he is living

Customer Question

My Step-Father owns two properties, a house that he is living in and a flat that family is living in. His health is such that he has home care, has just spent 2 weeks in a care-home because he needed more help. There are two power of Attorneys, my Brother, who is left an equal share of the house and the two natural daughters of whom one is the other power of Attorney.

The flat is left to me, I live elsewhere but I have my eldest Son living there. I have been the closest to my Step-Father, I lived opposite him for over 20 years, and spent the best part of £40,000 on the property, the other power of Attorny, his natural Daughter wants me to sell the flat, my Step-Father does not want this but, I am realistic how much care costs. My main question is, am I entitled to my money back if the property is sold, and what are the tax implications for my Step-Father, the flat is worth about £200,000 and the house about £400,000, has savings of about £25,000. The money I spent had to be spent by the way, because is was originally a house conversion, of which I owned the bottom flat, but had been converted by my Step-Dad in the 1960's, so when I came to sell my property I had to do this work to sell my flat.
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  James Mather replied 4 years ago.

So you got the benefit of the money you spent?

Was it spent on rthe flat or the other property.

What exactly was it spent on?

Is SF mentally capable?

Is this an LPA or registered EPA?

We need finest details please