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Hi, we signed an Assured Tenancy Agreement with a commercial

Customer Question

Hi, we signed an Assured Tenancy Agreement with a commercial landlord (company). Per agreement, it states 'the tenant must register (in their name) with gas, water, electricity and phone companies'. When contacted the landlord, and the signer to our official agreement (as the landlord) for current suppliers of the above (so we can transfer in our name), we were told (in writing in email) that there was a mistake and water is currently non-chargeable to tenants until further notice in writting as they need to split the meter and the landlord (them) would pay for it (specifically telling us not to transfer the water). A month later we received a water bill in our name, we contacted the landlord and they said to forward it to them and they will pay. We did. After 13 months of the same thing happening, the landlord continued to say 'no, forward the bills to us and we will pay' in writing and verbally... 13 months later, 50+ emails and phone calls with the landlord confirmed the same - the landlord will pay. Last week, we received a notice from the landlord saying that they made a mistake and we were responsible for water all along and now we need to pay them and creditors - £400+ for past charges. They quote contract and say that we have no recourse and obligated to pay, regardless numeorous written emails and communication from them as the landlord stating otherwise - we have an official letter from them (the landlord) to Thames Water stating that contract terms do not reflect the current agreement and that the landlord will pay for water and not to send us, the tenants any more bills). Now, they tell us that we have no legal ground as the contract states we, the tenants, would pay and any other/different communciation by them will be dismissed. They are bullying us into paying, as they have already paid but are now trying to recover from us. We don't feel this is right. Can you please advice? Do we have any grounds to fight it or should be give up and pay them...
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Law