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James Mather
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My mother has been aced in a care home by my sister,as eldest

Customer Question

My mother has been aced in a care home by my sister,as eldest child have I the right o know where this is.
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  James Mather replied 4 years ago.
-Could you explain your situation a little more?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

As far as we know,mother was taken to a care home by my step sister,hopefully with my mothers concent.A message from my sister said my mother is safe and well and will ring when she wants to see me and my sister said of herself not to ask again as it was upsetting.We had not an inkling of a problem of any sort.In fact 3 days before her admission my mother had sent for me to help,which I did,my sister arrived from Suffolk to our home area of Doncaster.then this,now my sister has returned to Suffolk.

Thank You,

Keith Miller

Expert:  James Mather replied 4 years ago.
Please bear with me I am on and offline today.
So sister appeared out of the blue, put mum into care and disappeared back to suffolk without saying where mum is and now wont tell you.
there were no issues between you and sister or you and mum?
In which case? why does she allege it is upsetting?
Why did she do this?
Why did she come up? did mum ask her?
We need full background please.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Called to mothers at 3.30am on Monday 15th by Emergency Service, mother had fallen and could not get up. We attended, put mum in bed, everything appeared OK. Carer rang at 9am to say mum had asked her to ring sister. At lunch my wife, my sister and my mother saw doctor in mothers home, nothing sorted, doc arranged for blood tests which were took on Tuesday. We rang Tuesday to see if nurse had been and was everything OK. Rang Wednesday, mum told us she was going into a care home at Sc**thorpe for 5 weeks respite, I tried to speak to my sister about finance and she slammed the phone down on me.

On 25th April requested details of mums whereabouts, by text to sister, no reply. On 26th texted again and the reply at 11.43am was: "Sorry but Mum says she is safe and well cared for and will ring you if and when she wants you to visit her. I can do no more for you than to pass this message on so please dont ask me to."

We have not been in contact with anybody since but are trying to see if we have a legal right to find out where mum is and visit her.

There are many issues between me and my sister on a variety of subjects, no issues with my mother to the best of my knowledge. She came up because obviously the carer asked her to.

The 2 women living opposite who are getting paid to care by mother are not official carers, so they are receiving payment cash in hand and accountable to WHO?

So sister is now back in Suffolk, mum in care home, and we know nothing.

Thank You

Keith Miller

Expert:  James Mather replied 4 years ago.

I dont think she does but does sister have power of attorney for health and welfare?

Do you think that your mother has asked for her location to be secret?

The txt from sister is inconclusive. If mum has aksed location to be secret , why would that be?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

In reply Sir,

Do not know if sister has any legal powers over mother.HOW DOES ONE CHECK ??


I can not think of any reason my mother would not want to see my wife and I,we suspect pressure from sister.


The text is saved on phone,that is what it said.


We were asked to check her latest bank statement by mother on our 2nd to last visit, there were withdrawls by card for £300 and £200 and certainly not done by mother,who is drawing big amounts out of a single persons account ?????.The more we sit and worry the more we feel this could be a matter for police and welfare

Has mother been wrongly persuaded against her will to go in a home,not to communicate with her eldest child and let somebody use her considerable account,Santander about £10 k and there is a P.O. account with what should be more than £25 k.


We are victims if you like,but the more we know nothing and because of what we know we are feeling more and more it may well be a police matter


Keith Miller.

Expert:  James Mather replied 4 years ago.

You need to research at the Office of Public Guardian to see if she has a
power of attorney registered (before you go to the police) so that when you go
to the police, you can say that there is all there is not.

the last time I did one of these, the fee was £10 this morning, and
telephone call confirmed that there is no longer any fee.

There is also a number where you can report abuse of vulnerable adult 0300
456 0300 and if you think your mother has been placed in this home against her
will you can ring both this number and reported and Social Services. To be
frank, I would probably raise these concerns with social services now.

Social Services and the police would probably deal this with between them.
This could be abuse of a vulnerable adult.

If it transpires that your sister does not have a power of attorney over your
mother's affairs, I would refer the police and ss to the bank statements and
say that someone is taking money out of your mother's account. It might be your
sister as she does not have any authority to do so and show them the search
which confirms that she has no authority.

When asked where your mother is, you can tell them that your sister has put
her in a home (you suspect against her wishes) without your consent or
knowledge. At this stage in time, Social Services will probably deal with this
for you and can be your best friends in this matter. I imagine that your sister
does not want social services knocking on her door. When they do, she is going
to have to tell them where your mother is they can then take a view as to
whether this is your mother's genuine wish for your sister taking things into
her own hands.

Can I assist further?

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me today and in general because I am off-line and online all day and evening
(and often at weekends)

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