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I am an 88 year old WW2 veteran and am applying for a Heroes

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I am an 88 year old WW2 veteran and am applying for a Heroes Return Lottery Grant to revisit Normandy. Can my partner, living as husband and wife for 18 years, but each preserving their own houses (we shuttle between houses on a weekly basis) be legally classed as a spouse?
Unless you are married or in a civil partnership, then co-habitees are simply that and have no spousal rights in law. Sorry
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Yes, but can I describe her as my Spouse, on my application form, we have been engaged for 18 years. At 86, she's too frail to be left on her own. I look after her.
In my opinion you cant because she isnt legally a spouse, sorry
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.
As a newcomer to this site, I deposited £33. I am now asked to give you a "Tip", which seems to relate to a proportion of £33 up to 50% thereof. Is the Tip the proportion of my deposit that you receive? Or does the tip commit me to paying an amount in addition to my initial £33 deposit? I seem to have had themistaken impression that you would receive the full amount ofmydeposit, and am quite prepared to rerate my degree of satisfaction, provided itdoesn't costme anymore than I've already deposited.

We get
50% of the deposit and the other 50% goes to the site.

We get
75% of any "tip".

The only
amount extra you would have to pay is any tip that you agree to pay provided
you have not signed up for a monthly subscription