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Jo C., Barrister
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I had a tenancy (just moved out now) whereby there has been

Customer Question

I had a tenancy (just moved out now) whereby there has been one fiasco after another beginning with the first viewing - 1.5 hours to wait for letting agent Bairstow Eves - agreed move-in date: on way in van and rang them was told couldnt move in and to ' put stuff in storage and go to a hotel at own expense' as it wasnt ready - despite already having moved the date 2 weeks again because it wasnt ready then. Emails confirm the date of moving. Was told could move into the lounge as that was free as they were putting carpets into the upstairs (one bedhouse). Arrived and lounge was full of builders, dust, industrial saws, was filthy and no room for anything. So no due diligence or anything had been done to check that the property was ready for occupation. I owned my own place where I had come from and could have moved easily on another date had they bothered to check if the property was ready and informed me. So I had to spend over a week before I could get any boxes moved and them to send in someone to clean the thick builders dust and grime which I had to insist on. I had systematically marked my boxes for the removers to place and now they were just piled high in the lounge and I had to sit on my bed (which I had to take up myself) for a week with no tv because there was just a tiny space to get through to the kitchen and putting a settee down was impossible. The inventory woman who they had booked for the next day after occupation came and just said it was impossible to do as she couldnt see anything.
Also the water pressure was very low - took them over 3 months and many phone calls to put in an electric shower. One of their builders stook on a window sill and broke it (but glued it back on). Also severe drainage problem (that aparently had happened with this property before - confirmed by their plumber) whereby I had effluent coming up in the sink and could not drain, flush loo, wash or use or drain water of any kind for 4 days. Dynorod arranged by agent came eventually and said it was a health issue and could not fix, the pipe that was the problem goes into another property and I had to find out who they were - the dynorod man helped me considerably. Their builders and landlord of that property said they had a problem before with this plumbing and it should not route through their property. They said it was disgusting that I had to put up with it. I had to clean *** out of the sink overflow (I have pictures!) it was awful. Their builders then sorted it. I have had to chivvy the agent and have a go and chase them often because they have not done their job properly - its just been one fiasco after another. I have been told by the agent today to 'calm down' - because I had already confirmed my bank details and yet another person still asked me for them - and it is all on file. And they said that there were missing window keys - when there werent any and I had to buy some !! This was on file too if they had bothered to look. They said my check-out was fine and I wil get my deposit back so that isnt an issue. Their due diligence and attention to care has been atrocious all along the line, caused me stress from even the viewing day and I am very annoyed. Do you think I have a claim ? Their procedure is to duo a form through them but I know they will try and cover up things. I have photos of the original move in and the dust and grime and lots of the emails.
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  Jo C. replied 4 years ago.

Thank you for your question . My name is XXXXX XXXXX I will try to help with this.

I'm really sorry but I think your post above has exceeded the word length so I cannot view it all. Would it be possible to summarise it and I'll see if I can help?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

FOR JOMO1972 - have to say not happy thatafter all that it hasnt gone through. It is very difficult to summarise properly.

* Fiasco on Tenancy

* 1.5 hours to wait to view property initially

* Move-in date agreed - in van coming a long way, called agency one hour before arrival, told could not move in as not ready and to go to a hotel and store my stuff for a night at my own expense. After many calls, told could move into lounge as clear.

*When arrived agency they didnt even have the keys to give me.

*When arrived at property builders all over the place, in chaos, saws and tools, dust and grime, carpet fitters.

* Had to move everything into lounge, move bed myself upstairs and sit in grime for over a week.

* Water pressure low - took over 3 months to get a shower fitted.

* Plumbing problem which had happened before

* 4 days like that - no drainage, no flush loo or if do all effuent comes up in sink (I have pics).

* Many other things showing lack of due diligence and care and attention.



Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Sorry but this isnt good enough - this is the third reply and although I have an email there is no reply other than ' So in short there are disrepair issues? (ie No as I have moved out now and the move in date with builders still there isnt disrepair)

the Is this an assured tenancy agreemnt? Are ..." see more

But its not showing on the web ! Not happy to pay £33 when I cant get a proper reply.

Expert:  Jo C. replied 4 years ago.
Since you are displeased so far, I will opt out.