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Hi My Name isXXXXX On the 10th of march 2013

Customer Question

Hi My Name isXXXXX
On the 10th of march 2013 I suffered a stroke.A "Serabrovascular event"was the medical
After coming out of hospital I received Physio for eight weeks to aid my recovery.
I was asked by a friend do you have critical illness cover.
Yes i think so, and looked out my policy.
I phoned the insurance company and give my policy number.
The company then said they would first have to check if my policy was payed up to date
which they did and it was.
then I was told I had been put through to the wrong department and they would transfer me to claims. The lady on the phone asked for my policy number again and asked for my home address this I gave her and I asked for the direct line number for the claim department which she gave me.She then went on to say I was not covered for critical illness this came as a bit of a surprise as i had the policy in front of me I asked her to check she again said I was not covered i was shocked and said goodbye and hung up.
My wife and I look through the policy and sure enough critical illness was covered.
I rang the claims line and spoke to a man there who confirmed that I was covered for critical illness I asked how when I had rang earlier and was told I did not have this cover when the policy number had been checked twice. he tried very hard to play this deception down saying sometime mistakes happen at this stage I explained to him I could not trust what he said and would be looking into the legal implications.
I believe this was an attempt to put me off my claim and I believe a lot of other people would be put off if they did not the paperwork in front of them.
This is a good way of reducing claims and I think this is what the insurance company was deliberately trying to do.You may or may not be able to help but thanks anyway.
Trevor Simmons
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  Jo C. replied 4 years ago.

Thank you for your question . My name is Jo and I will try to help with this.

If I understand you correctly, they are not refusing your claim now?

If that is right, what action would you like to take about this?