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Dear Sirs, I bought a Petrol Multi tool Trimmer

Customer Question

Dear Sirs, I bought a Petrol Multi tool Trimmer Package on the 13th April 2013 from a well known T.V. Shopping channel, (Ideal World. came within 4 days, after I put it all together, I used it and it broke down after an hour of use, the pull start cord frayed off at the top hitting me in the head, and then the engine refused to start, rang "Ideal World" and they said that they would send a courier to pick it up in 4 days time, and it would be an "All day" call, that meant taking a day of work, Courier did not turn up, "Ideal World" said sorry, and suggested that I ring up the dealer, who supplies the product, I did this, and in 2 days I was sent a new engine and picked the faulty one up at the same time, after I started this "New" one up, it went perfectly well for the first day, next day tried to start it, no response, tried and tried again, still nothing, then I noticed a strong smell of petrol, looked at the fuel lines, and found 3 small splits and a hole in it, once again, rang "Ideal World" was told to pack everything up in original package, and would send a Courier out to pick it up, in 4 days time, another day of work, once again, NO Courier turned up, I was by now getting to be rather upset and angry, so last week, I e-mailed them to sort this out, and that this package would be left in my porch entrance, for collection, and would they send me a better quality package deal that they do, I said that I would pay the difference, I got an e-mail back stating once again that this package would be collected "Today" as yet, NO collection has taken place. This Item by the way is on there "Flexi - Pay" deal, where you pay over 4 months, interest free, the price by the way was £179.99 inc: free p&p. Can you please tell me what action I can take, as when you send them an e-mail, they take up to 24 hours to respond, and then say that they will send a courier to pick it up on a designated day, or keep on ringing them up, at 10 pence a minute, up to now, it has cost me 3 working days to wait in for nothing.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your reply would be gratefully received. Mr John Hardy (Verger)

Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Law