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My Sister in Law was returning home to Ireland with Ryanair.

Customer Question

My Sister in Law was returning home to Ireland with Ryanair. Her flight was at 15.50hrs.
At 12.10pm,I went on Ryanair website to check her in and get a Boarding Pass. The system said that it was too late to check in on line. Apparently they dont allow it if its less than 4 hours to departure. Why?????? It only takes a couple of minutes to check in on line. So,we had to go to the Airport,and check in there. To make this shorter,when she tried to check in at the desk,they said that because she hadn't pre-paid for Airport check in,she would have to pay,£70 to get a Boarding Pass. To do this,there are self service machines where you check yourself in and it prints a Boarding Pass. It takes less than 3 minutes to do,and for this they charge you £70 !!!!!!!!!!!!!.

The main point is,that you can't check in on line some 3 hours and 59 mins before a flight,but you can at the Airport,3 hours and 58 mins before the flight,for a charge of £70.

Checking in at an Airport used to be FREE ! ! ! ! .

Now we have these ROBBING AIRLINES who invent any excuse to take money off you.

Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  Senior Partner replied 4 years ago.

Good morning. Welcome to Just Answer. I can understand your fury about this. it is probably no consolation to know that a member of the pop group Westlife has been in the press about the same issue. He refused to fly and went to another airline but sadly most of us do not have the means to do that. The fact is that if the terms are clear on the website when the flight was booked there is probably nothing you can do about this. If your sister in law had bought the ticket in the UK then it just possible that a complaint could be made to the office of fair trading that Ryanair's terms contravene the unfair contract terms in consumer contracts regulations. You could try filing a complaint with them ( see here or with your local trading standards office. Your sister in law could also see if she can make a similar complaint in Ireland. The unfair terms in consumer contracts regulations follow an EU directive so it is possible your sister in law could think about suing there but to be completely honest infuriating thought this is , you can guarantee that Ryan air will defend any proceedings and make life very difficult for any claimant so it would be very expensive to take them on. It is better I think to try complaining to trading standards and to write to the press rather than get involved in expensive litigation.