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I need to remove a default from my credit file which has been

Customer Question

I need to remove a default from my credit file which has been placed on by Hitchinson 3G UK Ltd.

There was a dispute on three (3) of the lines which I had with them, and as a result they placed three (3) defaults on my credit file, effecting my credit score considerably. The defaults were placed back in 2010, and the balances on all the accounts were settled more than three (3) years ago also.
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  Alice H replied 4 years ago.
Hello and welcome to Just Answer.

My name is Alex and I'm happy to help with your question today.

What would you like to know?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi Alex,

I am writing to you today, concerning three separate credit accounts which I previously held with HUTCHISON 3G UK LTD. The details of these accounts are below:


Begin Date: October, 2008


3 phone No. XXXXXXXXXXX /p>


Begin Date: April, 2008


3 phone No. XXXXXXXXXXX /p>


Begin Date: December, 2007


3 phone No. XXXXXXXXXXX /p>

I held each credit account for a minimum of two years, and was a loyal customer of HUTCHISON 3G UK LTD., referring friends and family to the company; and as evident from holding three separate accounts myself. An unfortunate event (stolen phone) occurred in the month of April, 2010 which as a result led to a delay in payment of the bill, on my end, as HUTCHISON 3G UK LTD., investigated the incident. After only a couple weeks notice, I was then forced into paying an abnormal amount of money, for the charged which were incurred on my account from the thief, or threatened that my credit would suffer a default on all three of my accounts held with HUTCHISON 3G UK LTD. As it happened, HUTCHISON 3G UK LTD. put defaults on all three of my credit accounts on my credit report, even after agreeing to pay the full amount on all the accounts (even though not my personal charges) and paying the full amount on all the accounts.

The Incident

My phone was stolen at approximately 6:30pm and I called HUTCHISON 3G UK LTD. immediately after from my brother's phone informing them off the stolen phone, and ordering them to stop my line. HUTCHISON 3G UK LTD., then acted upon this way too late, and therefore allowed the thief to incur costs on my account of up to £500. When I received my bill for that month, I called HUTCHISON 3G UK LTD., complaining about this, and they said that they would investigate, however to no avail. The charges stayed as they were on my account, and I was forced/threatened to pay the full amount without any discussion, or else defaults would be applied on my credit report.


As I was only a student having to pay such a lump sum on only one of my account, in addition to the payments on my other two credit accounts which I held with HUTCHISON 3G UK LTD., was extremely difficult. I had a very limited income, and the unfortunate event of my phone getting stolen, was completely out of my hands. However, under such threats of leaving defaults on my credit report, I had to borrow money from my family, who are already in financial distress, and pay off these large amounts of charge placed on my account with HUTCHISON 3G UK LTD.

After I made the full payments on all of my accounts, I was promised from a HUTCHISON 3G UK LTD. customer representative that my credit report would be amended from 'default' to 'satisfactory - settled', on all three of my accounts shown on my credit report on behalf of HUTCHISON 3G UK LTD. This was/is not the case.

Current Status

Today, almost two years down the line none of the defaults have been removed from my credit report, even after receiving promise after promise HUTCHISON 3G UK LTD. customer services representatives. When I called in, the most recent time, on Thursday 7th, March 2012, I spoke with a customer service manager who said that HUTCHISON 3G UK LTD. had already put in a request to credit expert to change the 'default' to 'satisfactory - settled' and credit expert refused to do so. However, when I asked HUTCHISON 3G UK LTD. to send me a copy of the request, they refused. Then when I asked for anything written document concerning the action that HUTCHISON 3G UK LTD. have taken towards my credit accounts with them, they also refused giving the excuse of: "...your accounts with us (HUTCHISON 3G UK LTD.) have been discontinued, therefore we cannot provide you with anything..." After, of course, opening my accounts on their system and reading all the notes on my previous broadband and mobiles accounts held with them. The HUTCHISON 3G UK LTD., customer service manager, Sanjeev, then said that he will pass my complaints through, internally, to the complaints department who will then respond back to me within 7-14 days; a statement that I have heard from HUTCHISON 3G UK LTD. customer service representatives, several dozen times, over the course of two years.


This has made me extremely frustrated as it's resulted in three separate defaults on my credit report, absolutely massacring my credit score; all for an incident which I wasn't even responsible for from the start. I'm still a student who is struggling to open a basic student account with any bank as my credit has been ruined from HUTCHISON 3G UK LTD., and not able to be connected with any financial institute at all as a result of the defaults that HUTCHISON 3G UK LTD. have placed on my account. It's become continually difficult to live in this manner, especially that I am only student, I cannot imagine how difficult it is still going to get once I graduate and wish to obtain a mortgage/loan. My future already looks like one which I will not be able to live in. It really has made me hit rock bottom, and to think that all of this happened not because of my wrong doing, or handling or a credit account.

What I ask of you

Therefore, I would like the following to be actioned:

- The defaults which have been placed on my credit report from HUTCHISON 3G UK LTD., to be removed my credit report.

- If not able to remove it from my credit report, to at least (as HUTCHISON 3G UK LTD. have promised) to return my credit account back to 'Satisfactory - Settled'. This will have a major affect on my credit score, and will significantly raise the score, as I have always, and currently, hold a very honest account with the credit accounts I am linked with on my credit report.

I wish and have hope that the Financial Ombudsman Service will listen to my request, and find that what HUTCHISON 3G UK LTD. have done is completely unfair and unjust, and the consequences of their actions have taken a major toll on my life, and added more stress on my family's.

I hope to hear back from you soon regarding this matter, and thank you in advance for you time and effort.

Expert:  Alice H replied 4 years ago.
That's a lot of information!

Are you basically saying the default should be removed or marked as satisfied?

Have you complained to the INFORMATION COMMISSIONER?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Should be removed.


I have spoken/complained to every possible governing, authoritative body there is.

Expert:  Alice H replied 4 years ago.
Including the Information Commissioner?

If so, what was their decision?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

What/who is the Information Commissioner?


Of the company?

Expert:  Alice H replied 4 years ago.
The information held about you is governed by the Data Protection Act 1998.

The data has to be processed fairly and accurately. If not you can complaint to the Information Commissioner and also make a claim for compensation.

You should send one further letter to the company in question and give them 14 days to correct your credit file.

If they fail to do this you should complain to the Information Commissioner on the basis that they have violated your rights under the Data Protection Act 1998.

The ICO can be found here:

The ICO can order the company to correct the entry in your credit file. If the ICO decides an offence has been committed the company can be fined.

The ICO cannot order compensation. To get any money out of these people you will need the ICO to rule in your favour and then you can sue the one or both of the organisations in the County Court.

I hope this helps.