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James Mather
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Can an executor for my grandmothers will tke her name off her

Customer Question

Can an executor for my grandmothers will tke her name off her back accounts and replaces it with his own name
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  James Mather replied 4 years ago.

Law Denning :

Hello, I am Law Denning and I am a practising solicitor in a High Street practice. I have been an expert on this website in UK law since 2008. During that time, as you appreciate, I have answered thousands of questions from satisfied users on a variety of subjects. Because we are all in practice with clients and court and other users, I might not always respond in minutes, particularly evenings and weekends. Please bear with me in that case

It is my pleasure to try and assist you with this today. Please bear with me
while I gather some further information from you in order for me to be able to
advise you fully.

Unless I have all the facts that I need, my answer would not be accurate. What is the value of the estate?

JACUSTOMER-vn1ff674- :

The last bank statement I saw has 20,000 pounds and that was about 3 years ago, she lives in a council house

Expert:  James Mather replied 4 years ago.

Can you please explain what has happened? I need you to explain this statement that you make tke her name off her back accounts and replaces it with his own name

as it means nothing to me without knowing the background. I need as much detail as you have please. I am off-line shortly till tomorrow will pick this up then at some stage as I will be online and off-line all weekend. Thank you

Expert:  Clare replied 4 years ago.
thank you for your question.
Have you seen a copy of the Will?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

yes I have



Expert:  James Mather replied 4 years ago.

So what
exactly does the will say and what is your query?

Do you mean that the executor has changed the name on the deceased bank accounts to the executors name? Why do you ask?

Who is the executor?


It is not uncommon for the deceased's money to be placed into an account (and indeed is quite normal) in the name of the executor acting on behalf of the estate .

It depends if there are any other problems surrounding this .

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

My grandmother is still alive, her pastor iis the executor of her will and he is very quiet about everything and is telling us that she has no money. She has a private pension account and the family asked to see a bank statement ....He sent a bank statement with his and address name only there is no sign of my grandmothers name on it. M mother wants to travel to England to see her mother and we need a bank statement and letter from him on behalf of my grandma as she is registered blind. He refuses to send it. I think he is up to no good.

Expert:  James Mather replied 4 years ago.

So, where is all this taking


Is it a statement from a new account? Did you tell him why you need it? Is it for proof of ID and residence?


What relevance is the will if she is still alive? We need full background please.

I am offline shortly until later
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I'm living in Jamaica he is in England. She wants myself and her daughter to come to England and we need the bank statement for the consulate. The will is now no where to be found in the house as my sister visited her and its gone. He refuses to send the bank statement even after he spoke to him about it.....Everthing seems hidden and very shady.

Expert:  James Mather replied 4 years ago.

She can easily do another
well assuming of course that she is mentally competent and knows what she is

So does your grandmother live
in England?

It would be most unusual for
the consulate to ask specifically for a bank statement. What have they asked
for and why?