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My Brother in law owns a large burial plot in a private cemetery

Customer Question

My Brother in law owns a large burial plot in a private cemetery namely the Manor park cemetery, he gained ownership through a will, there are two sets of ashes buried in the plot, is he by-law able to sell this plot. If so how does one go about selling this plot.
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  leanne-jones replied 4 years ago.

leanne-jones : Hello - my name is Leanne and it will be my pleasure to assist you today.
leanne-jones : Generally you do not actually own a plot, rather than it is leased for say 99 years. Is this plot actually bought or is it leased?
JACUSTOMER-vewamdtk- :

Hi Leanne,

leanne-jones : Hello
JACUSTOMER-vewamdtk- :

I understand from my relation, that the plot was purchased by the deceased,who made the will to my brother-in-law, a copy of the deed is being sent to him from the Manor park cemetery. he will be receiving it shortly

leanne-jones : Ok. There are specialist websites that deal with sale and purchase or such types of property in the uk. However site rules prevent me from recommending anyone. But if you google search burial plot sell uk you will find a number of companies
leanne-jones : But you can use one of these that will manage the process for you. Many people invest in plots
leanne-jones : In short you can't go to an estate agent but should use a specialist firm
leanne-jones : You have it will have the deed which is what you need to sell
leanne-jones : And all you need now is a broker
JACUSTOMER-vewamdtk- :

Thank you very much for your help, may I contact you If I require any further help.

JACUSTOMER-vewamdtk- :

regards Alan

leanne-jones : Does that answer your question?
JACUSTOMER-vewamdtk- :

I sincerely hope so

leanne-jones : Ok welcome. Please remember to give me a great rating - thanks