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leanne-jones, Barrister
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I have had some skincare products manufactured and i will be

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I have had some skincare products manufactured and i will be selling retail and wholesale as a distributor. And in a store. What points do i need to make sure are covered in my insurance for this business?

Thanks for your advise


leanne-jones : Hello - my name is XXXXX XXXXX it will be my pleasure to assist you today.
leanne-jones : Do you have public liability insurance? Have the products been tested?

Hi Leanne


My products have been tested yes


I am looking into the insurance at the moment and that is why i need to know what should be covered

leanne-jones : Ok. You need public liability insurance. That is what you need in the event there is an injury
leanne-jones : You need to make sure that claims for any type of injury arising out the use of, reaction to the products are covered

Thank you. But do i not need any other things covered apart from injury? Is it not neccessary?

leanne-jones : Any claim arising out of the use of the product.
leanne-jones : So any use.
leanne-jones : Any and all claims arising out of the use of, etc.....

What about legal costs?

leanne-jones : Although you may think this is specialist, of course they are many companies that manufacture products for use, not just skin cream but toys, vehicles etc


1. Stand-alone Liability
2. Commercial Combined
3. Commercial Property
4. Professional Indemnity
5. Property Owners (per Unit / Occupant / Dwelling)
6. Contracting Risks (JCT / Contract Works etc)
7. Goods In Transit

leanne-jones : If you have insurance for the products, then any claim should be covered by your insurers including legal costs
leanne-jones : You can have insurance for pretty much any eventuality. But it depends on what risk you want to insure against.
leanne-jones : The main one will be injury as a result of use
leanne-jones : But can also take out insurance for transporting of the products etc

Any on the list i just sent from 1 to 7 are they important?

leanne-jones : But public liability will protect you from selling the products and injury if any as a reault
leanne-jones : I think for simply selling creams you need not be too concerned about the above. Ie goods in transit is if the products are damaged on the way to or from you

Ok so public liability and transportation. Any other important ones you can think of?

leanne-jones : I just think public liability unless you are talking about huge volumes being shipped

And also to cover if i sell to a shop such as boots? Would this be different or include any issues

leanne-jones : Yes, liability would be covered.
leanne-jones : Although any contract you have with boots they are likely to seek an Indemnity from you anyway. That is you hold them harmless against claims made against them arising out of use of the product
leanne-jones : If you are wholesale I would only add commercial liability too

Yes i will just incase i move to that shortly

leanne-jones : Ok. But I am sure you can add that cover later
leanne-jones : Does this answer your question?

I've been quoted on the products liability inc all stock, contents and employers liability covered. So i could add commercial liability to this? that would cover it all?

leanne-jones : Yes it would

Ok thank you for your help. Are you a specialist in this area?

leanne-jones : So that covers you for example as well if your warehouse burns down.
leanne-jones : I am a Barrister so self employed and understand insurance as this is my business. Although I am not an insurance broker

What else does commercial liability cover for instance?

leanne-jones : Any claims made against you by third party business whom you have supplied

Could i contact you again directly if i have more questions later?

leanne-jones : Yes.
leanne-jones : Is there anything else I can help with?

How would i do that?


Not for now thank you you have answered my questions.

leanne-jones : Just post a new question for my attention

Ok. Thank you for your help.

leanne-jones : Welcome. Please remember to give my answer a great rating - thanks

Ok leane i will thanks again

leanne-jones : Welcome and have a great weekend

You too.

leanne-jones : Thanks
leanne-jones and 3 other Law Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi Leanne


I forgot to ask you about right of recourse from my product manufacturer. They are taking responsibility for right or recourse but only for the amount the individual product cost and cost of its delivery. But another lawyer friend of mine had said i should ask them to increase this possibly. If so what could i ask them to increase this to? Or is this the norm?


Thank you if you can answer this last query for me.

So they want to exclude liability beyond the price of the product?

Yes they can do that but by law they can not exclude personal injury claims. Does that help?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Is it the norm for them to only be liable for product and delivery cost? What other options are the norm in this area?

It's a matter for negotiation, of course they want to exclude everything. You can refuse - its a commercial decision between you and them.