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I purchased a car of a neighbour that deals in a few cars,I

Customer Question

I purchased a car of a neighbour that deals in a few cars,I paid him £1.200 in cash for a car,he asked me if I wanted a receipt,i trusting him as a neighbour of 12 years said no I trusted him,I had a few minor problems with the car in the first couple of weeks which he did sort out for me,then one Wednesday in February (I bought the car on 28th of January) I had taken my friend shopping and when we got back I noticed some smoke coming from the car and it had leeked quite a lot of oil onto her drive,one of her neighbours came to see if he could help as he knew a bit about engines,he said that he thought it was the head gasket as there was no other explanation as to what he could see when he lifted the bonnet to have a look,he advised me not to drive it back to my home which is about 2.5 miles away.So I left it there and told the person that a bought the car off what had happened and he said he would get it collected and sort it out for me,it was collected about 3 days later,then he said that he had put a new seal on the car and I had it back however a few days later a light came on the car and when I looked it up in the manual it appeared to be quite a serious problem and advised not to drive it,so once again I went back to him and explained,he moved the car back across the road to his house and there it stayed for several weeks,when I asked about the car I got various reasons why it wasn't getting repaired(the mechanic was busy etc)he did loan me a car,which when I put the windscreen wipers on found that the drivers side one had no rubber on,when I mentioned it to him he said that was strange as the car had just gone through an MOT,which he has since denied saying,however while I was working at someones house they pointed out to me that the 2 front tyers were bald(he is a retired policeman)and that I could be prosecuted if I was stopped(I did not know that they were bald)so I gave that car back to him and told him what I had been told,in a conversation we had after he once again disputed that 2 tyres were bald and said it was only the 1 front tyre(in which case he still shouldn't have let me drive that car in that condition.I had been without the car now for several weeks with no word from him,he never came across to let me know what was happening(if anything)I always had to chase him and he always had some excuse or fobbed me off with something.I didn't push it because we are neighbours and I didn't want bad feeling between us,however I decided that I had had enough and said that I would like my money refunded.I had taxed the car for 6 months,been paying insurance on it (he had also had my previous car off me which he had sold and had any monies from that)I had put £50 worth of petrol into the 2 cars between them which he has obviously used as I did not drive either cars after putting it in,so all together I feel that he had a lot more than£1200 from me.I once again went across to him to see what was going on,he said that he would try it through the auction with a reserve on it which I now realise he never intended to do because he never asked me for any of the paperwork for the car,the next time I saw him he said that he had sold the car,that was 3 weeks ago.He had had all of the paperwork back but I had noy put the log book with it so my son took it across on Friday evening and he told my son that he would come to see me on Saturday(yesterday)which as usual he didn't,so today I saw him leaving his house so I went out to catch him on the way past.He said that he had sold the car for£1000 I said that I wasn't happy with that as I had payed him£1200 cash for it and he stood there and said that I had payed him£1100 for it which is absolutely not true,and he expected me to accept £1000 for it,then he said he would make it up to £1100 like he was doing me a favour,and I told him that I wanted back what I had payed him for it,he then goes on about how much it has cost him to put the car right and how he has spoken to someone and they said that he has been very fair with me but they have only heard his side of it,and he said that he is going to just give me the car back,now I am worried that I have no proof of any of this and no proof of giving him the cash and it will just be my word against his ,and was wondering if you could tell me where I stand and how I could get this resolved.Thank you
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  Jo C. replied 4 years ago.

Thank you for your question . My name is Jo and I will try to help with this.

In order to give you an answer tailored to your circumstances, I will just need to ask you some preliminary questions so that I can consider your position from all angles.

What wou;d you like to know about this?