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I have paid my first deposit (£500 for administration and that

Customer Question

I have paid my first deposit (£500 for administration and that no one else would view) on a rented property since the 23rd of May 2013 with the hope of completing on the fifteenth of June . I had failed the referencing credit check and have subsequently agree to pay six months rent in advance to hold on to the property. This along with administration cost total £6095. I lost my mother on the 08 of June I asked that the that this date be pushed back to the first of July as I had to leave the country for my mother's funeral to which they agreed. I paid a further £3500 into the account on the 12th of June to secure the property. I informed them of the date I will leave the country(19/06/3) and the date I will return (30/06/13) and assured them that the balance will be paid in cash to prevent further delay on the 1st of July. while I was away I still receive text to sign the contract electronically or else they will but the property back on the market. I responded to the text promising to sign which I attempted to do as promised but learned this morning that they only received it as viewed and not signed (this was only because I obviously did not understand how to do it). so based on that they have put the property back on the market since Thursday the 27th and have agreed tenancy with another tenant. this was all done while I was out of the country. I do not feel that I have breached and I was only 1 business day away from completing and the day is not yet finished. I have to leave this address by the 4th of July or will be homeless do I have any legal rights above the present tenants?
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Law