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hi I am a schizophrenic , however I always managed my illness

Customer Question

hi I am a schizophrenic , however I always managed my illness with help of medicine.
My Husband moved to Canada and I followed him. He took ex-parte order on me just after the birth of our baby. Court given judgement that baby can not be taken out of the Canada.

After fighting legal battle with him I run out of the money because I was not working had no money. I am a British citizen. Court gave the date of trial after one year. I stayed own my own in a small flat for a year lonely and Hungary without any family. My entire family live in the uk. Because my ex was working as a consultant psychiatrist in New Brunswick Canada he made court to do our psychological evolution.

I believe I had serious dis advantage because I was fighting in the foreign country, while my ex was in comfort of his work where he was treated as a royalty.
In the end I had to give him custody and come back to UK.

I asked British embassy to help then I was told it was family matter. I do not understand how it is family matter when a manipulative man snatches my baby and held my family me as ransom.

H is man who is controlling who does not allow him to speak to me.
I am working now, but I miss my baby ,
Please let me know if some one can help me.

People get involve in the crime, they get help from there Government.
What I have done that my country let me down.
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  Clare replied 4 years ago.
Thank you for your question
Unfortunately dealing with issues of Child Residence and Contact is indeed a family matter and one which the government offers no help with abroad.
However you may be able to get some information and assistance from the Charity Reunite (
I appreciate that this is not what you wish to hear but in terms of UK law that is your position