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Hi, last night there was an inccident where my 17 yr old sister

Customer Question

Hi, last night there was an inccident where my 17 yr old sister was locked and kept in a house against her will, she was assaulted and spat at by a mother and her two daughters. They rang the police on my sister and made out she had gone in there home to cause trouble and was told by the police to let her go, which they didnt they scragged her around by her hair and was puching her in her head. My sister then feared for her life and managed to put her fist through the kitchen window from the inside to try and get out, but that didnt work it only ended in her slitting her hand open on the glass. Meanwhile people in the street had heard the screaming coming from the house and one of them happend to be my younger sisters friend who then rang my mum to tell her what was going on once she realised my sister was screaming at the window, my mum the rang me in a panic asking me if i knew where this specific house was. It happens to be round the corner from my house so my partner and myself jumped in my car and drove to the house. When i pulled up i could hear my sister screaming and could see for myself through the window she was been manhandled. I started to shout but it was no good my partner banged and kicked the door but that didnt work im 4 months pregnant and felt helpless, the next thing the police arrived and my sister came running out of the back door absolutly covered in blood, At this point i didnt know why she was bleeding or where the blood was comeing from there was so much of it, we all hurried back into the car and as i paniced and was about to drive off a officer came tomy side of the car and i think must of wanted to speak to us, but because i was i such a mess looking at the blood and hearing my little sister still screaming "help me, please help me" i drove off to get her sorted asap. As i drove back down my street i saw our mum stood outside my house i pulled up and my sister got out and as i dont have a first aid kit in my property we ran over to a neighbour to stop the bleeding as we still dint kow where it was coming from. Whilst we we're cleaning her up my neighbours husbend asked if he could lend my car for two minutes just to pop to drop somethig off to his friend as my neighbours car is broken, I agreed and threw him my keys and said for him to be quick as i was going to have to take my sister to the hospital to get her hand stiched as we realise shed cut it all smashing the window. After 5-10 minutes my neighbour had not come back with my car, and we managed to clean most of the blood but couldnt stop the bleeding so i rang to ask how lonng he was going to be in the car, only to be informed he'd been stoped by the police and my car had been taken for forensics! although the only thing they'll find is my sisters shoes in the back covered in blood! Anyway my children had been taken to a friends house and i went to check on them and my younger sister whos 16 waited in my house until i came back, but while i was gone the police had come to my house arrested my 16 yr old sister and searched my house without a warrent or anyone present my mother was asking the police to be in my house whilst they searched it and they refused her request! My mum tried to explain the situation to them saying my other 17 yr old sister had been assaulted and my 16yr old sister was innocent,, The police didnt want to listen and said someone would come to speak to her within the hour. My mum made her way home and my injured sister was taken to hospital where she was then arrested as 4 this morning. This all seems so wrong!! the police never came to speak to my mum and she's been up all night waiting and ringing only to bet no answers. They eventually rang a couple of hours ago saying theyve not been interviewed yet and they can keep them for 24 hours. This all seems so unfair surely theyve broken the law by keeping her against her own will and assaultig her?? could you please help me thanks x
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  Jo C. replied 4 years ago.

Thank you for your question . My name is Jo and I will try to help with this.

I'm very sorry for the delay you've experienced.

Would you mind summarising your question and I'll try to help. I'm afraid there is more information in your post above than the price you offer warrants.

I can help if you can summarise it though.