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Ben Jones
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I am having trouble with getting my current job to pay me my

Customer Question

I am having trouble with getting my current job to pay me my full commission. I had my last month in June so July would be my final month for commission payments. I Was expecting £676 however only got £550. I have contacted the manager at the centre regarding the difference and he has explained that some of them he marked as non commission-able, his reply to explain was:

'Sales that were deemed not commissionable
Type 1 Rejections x 1 (chased by H/O but no payment yet)
10 Day cancellation x 2
Invalid Bank Details x 1 (we still do not have correct details so no payment has been taken)
No Paperwork presented in file x 2
Couples Add on Membership sold but they don’t live at the same address as per promotion rules state x 3
No membership on the system that relates to the paperwork x 1

There was 2 that were put down as non commissionable but due to my error were not'

Now I have questioned the ones regarding the different addresses as I have never seen anything stating they cannot be registered at a different address - he cannot show me anything to support his argument. Also the 2 he should have paid me.

He is now saying that he will not pay me for these 5 sales because I received commission for sales last month (I have already been paid these) that he claims should not have been paid- despite the fact that he personally is the one who authorises these sales and that he is the one who sends final commission figures to the payroll department.

Please advise how I can proceed
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  Ben Jones replied 4 years ago.

Ben Jones :

Hello, my name is Ben and it is my pleasure to assist you with your question today. What does your contract actually say about when commission will be paid and when the employer can withhold it?

JACUSTOMER-x50nc5pj- :

Sales have to be in accordance with the 'rules of the game' however having addresses the same on add on memberships is not part of this

Ben Jones :

without knowing the exact reasons, clauses, exceptions etc in a contract then I cannot advise if you have the right to chase these payments and can only advise on how to take it further on the assumption that you want to challenge this and take formal action

Ben Jones :

is that ok?

JACUSTOMER-x50nc5pj- :

i can get a copy sent to me but won't be until tomorrow

Ben Jones :

ok if you don't mind waiting then you can send it to me whenever you have it to hand. You can email it to [email protected] and include a copy of the question page link so that customer services know which quesiton it belongs to