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I have worked at G4S in July 2012- November 2012 as my contract

Customer Question

I have worked at G4S in July 2012- November 2012 as my contract ended as the campaign had finished. Now I am wanting to work that company again as they are recriuting on a day to day basis however, they do not want me back because they said they had issues with my productivity despite the fact that I had a medical condition now I am feeling better and I have previous experience within G4S they do not want me back and even tho I believe that I did not have a productivity issue as my manager made me work lots of overtime and said i was doing well. wot do I do because I feel like there is discrimination going on and that the company has so many departments.
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  Jenny replied 4 years ago.
Hello and welcome to Just Answer, can you explain the nature of the medical condition which is causing the issue?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

My medical condition was clinical depression which was diagnosed by the doctor and about the productivity issues, the company did not sack me or give me a warning and I find this unfair as I am now not allowed to apply there and there are other people who had medical conditions and they were allowed to come back and also I did everything the manager do and has made me work 14 hours per day when it got busy and I did everything

Expert:  Jenny replied 4 years ago.
Is your depression long term and does it have a significant impact on your ability to carry out day to day activities?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

no it is not long term and the doctor feels I am improving as I am taking antidepressants and getting therapy. what I do not find fair is that despite I have more experience within that contact centre and also the manager treated me differently

Expert:  Jenny replied 4 years ago.
Ok thanks, the position is that the employer can refuse to recruit for any reason at all so long as it does not amount to discrimination for a reason protected by the Equality Act 2010, this would be Age, race, religion, pregnancy, sex, disability or for raising a complaint of a health and safety nature.

If your employer refuses to appoint you due to time off unless you can prove that the illness amounts to a disability (for employment law purposes) there is nothing you can do.

In employment law a disability is a physical or mental impairment which is long term and has a significant impact on a persons ability to carry out day to day activities, the effect of medication should be disregarded for the purpose of this. Clinical depression depending on the severity can amount to a disability.

You can complain to the employer that you consider that their failure to recruit you amounts to disability discrimination. If they do not change their mind then you could consider making a discrimination claim at It will ultimately be for the employment tribunal to decide if they consider your condition amounts to a disabilty and you would need to show some expert evidence in that regard.

If you have any further questions please ask. If I have answered your quesiton I would be grateful if you would give my answer a postiive rating. Thank you and all the best.