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I rented workshop from 2007, £65 a week £3000 yearly. verbal

Customer Question

I rented workshop from 2007, £65 a week £3000 yearly. verbal agreement, shake of hands, cash payed into his bank, kept slips? various things wrong with Workshop ? badly leaking roof ? water, urine, from farm very bad on floors, Gable end was coming away from structure? as my land lord I asked on many times over the years to repair ? a bit too busy at moment! was the reply? In all could not use as workshop because could not spray? In all, possibly 1 months of use ??? Really used as storage. on one time when delivery of car to unit in 2011 I opened doors and what greeted me was sheer mess? From then late in 2011 I ceased paying rent! In September of 2012 has solicitors letter saying I owed £3000 in back rent , phoned them up, I do not owe £3000 but do owe rent, Asked for proof from accountants, bank etc Fine ill produce paper work? waited, nothing ? only that they were going to sell my stock of cars £60,000 worth + tools etc. payed £1000 into their bank to show willing lets sort it out wheres the paper proof? Heard nothing so sent 2 recorded delivery letters to solicitors laying my cards on the line as saying I had Bank slips stamped and dates ? that was in feb of 2013 and saying I do not want to spend another year there???? That was it never heard nothing, no reply from recorded delivery letters to Their Solicitors InJuly 2 weeks ogo had letter from DVLA to say someone was applying for Log book to a car I own in unit? Phoned them twice no joy they maintain, as on private land and I owe rent, they are issuing the log book to £20,000 car ?? Police do not want to know, on private land ? Made 500 mile jouney to DVLA in Swansea to speak to woman dealing with it ? would not see me ? but on Phoning her from outside. She told a direct lie to me, by saying when I phoned up, i had told her ID sold it !!!!! I even took log book and car keys with meto prove ownership.?????? I hung up. She said on phone the cars already sold by the farmer she has bill of sale and said Id owed rent, and had not payed.? DVLA became Judge Jury on my Cars ? Can this be right I told her every thing thats going on with the farmer? she then becomes my Judge Jury ???? Lastly on back of form form DVLA it clearly states, WE DO NOT GET INVOLVED IN DISPUTES OVER OWNERSHIP. So how do I stand Please. Thankyou Tony
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  Jo C. replied 4 years ago.

Thank you for your question . My name is Jo and I will try to help with this.

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