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I am a 29 y/o female who was recently charged with drink driving.

Customer Question

I am a 29 y/o female who was recently charged with drink driving. i reiceved a 9 month ban. I am studying for my PhD and was hoping to find employment abroad.

I had been in a relationship with someone who became alcoholic. Had a series of berevements in addition to one particularly shocking personal experience. i had been prescribed anti depressant medication, however, this seemed to make matters worse. i had started taking the tablets the day i went out. I was due to meet a friend for lunch. I had 2 drinks and then had no recollection of the night. i dont drink regularly but also have an alcoholic father and was residing with him.

Will it still be possible to gain employment as a post doctoral scientist abroad?

Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  Alice H replied 4 years ago.
My name is Alex Hughes and I am a Solicitor based in London.

Whether you can gain employment abroad, with a conviction for drink driving, really depends on the country that you're applying to.

I'm afraid there is no hard and fast rule - most countries require you to apply for a visa before travelling and in the application you have to declare the conviction. It is then a matter of discretion for the country in question to decide whether to grant a visa.

If you identify a country that you wish to apply to then I can have a look at their visa rules. But if you want country specific advice on the law then you'll have to find a lawyer who practises in that jurisdiction. As an English lawyer I can only advise fully on English law.

Let me know.